Gordon Sondland

Second U.S. Official Can Reportedly Corroborate Bill Taylor’s Account of Trump-Sondland Call

Fiona Hill’s Lawyer Accuses Gordon Sondland of Lying to Congress About Ukraine Discussions

Impeachment Inquiry Transcript Shows Devin Nunes Desperately Trying to Tie Steele Dossier to Ukraine

‘There’s No Way to Deep-State or Never-Trump This’: Trump Appointee Admits Quid Pro Quo

‘Sighs,’ ‘Gasps’ and ‘Sea Change’: Initial Reactions to Top U.S. Diplomat to Ukraine’s Testimony on Capitol Hill

Gordon Sondland: ‘It Was Apparent to All of Us’ Giuliani Was the ‘Key’ to Changing Trump’s Mind on Ukraine

U.S. Diplomat Who Texted It Was ‘Crazy’ for Trump to Withhold Aid to Ukraine Scheduled to Testify

Former DOJ Senior Counsel: Trump Ordering Sondland Not to Testify Is ‘Pure Unadulterated Bullsh*t’

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