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About Us is the only site and OTT Network that covers live court video, high-profile criminal trials, crazy crime, celebrity justice, and smart legal analysis. Created by TV’s top legal commentator and attorney, Dan Abrams, Law & Crime brings common sense written and video analysis to the often confusing and always intriguing world of the law. The site’s team of journalists and lawyers provide real-time news updates along with live courtroom coverage of the most fascinating trials and legal stories.



Founder/Publisher: Dan Abrams

President/Editor-in-Chief: Rachel Stockman

COO & General Counsel: Andrew Eisbrouch

Head of Distribution, Licensing:  Alex Kopacz

Chief Technology Officer: Juan Miguel Bassalik

Managing Editor: Matt Naham

Executive Trial Producer: Cathy Russon

Head of Broadcast Operations: Boris Jaramazovic

Executive Investigative Producer: Rhonda Schwartz

Chief Investigative Reporter: Brian Ross

Creative Director: Michele Teodori

Investigative Producer: Ariel Tu

Trial Content Producer/Trial Tracker: Stephen Lawrence

Head Booking Producer: Sarah Puckett

Digital Video Producer: Ashton Schwinn

Law & Crime Network Hosts:

Jesse Weber

Aaron Keller

Bob Bianchi

• Brian Buckmire

• Stacey Delikat

• Angelica Spanos


• Kamana Kamkwalala

• Stephanie Horton

• Brianna Williams

• Jennifer Tinter

News Editors:

• Jerry Lambe

Alberto Luperon

Colin Kalmbacher


Elura Nanos

Robert Barnes

Control Room:

• Alexandra McDonald | Show Director

• Libby Creek | Control Room Technician

• Justin Chumas | Control Room Technician

• Eddie Grupper | A1 Audio Technician

• Matthew Pivarnik | Assistant Technical Director

• Hensley Petit | Control Room Technician

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