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Jeff Sessions

Trump Discussed Making Sessions’ Chief of Staff New Attorney General, Report Says

Court Rules Against Trump in Lawsuit Over California’s Sanctuary Cities

President Donald Trump Unleashes Most Brutal Tirade Against Jeff Sessions Yet

Accused NYC Terrorist Is Using Trump Tweets to Avoid the Death Penalty

Trump Just Created a New Way to Fire Jeff Sessions. Is Mueller Paying Attention?

Trump’s ‘Radically Direct’ Tweets Are Destroying Justice Through Partisanship

‘Good Job Jeff’: Trump Sarcastically Chides Sessions for Charging GOP Reps Before Mid-Terms

Papadopoulos Sentencing Memo Suggests Sessions Misrepresented Russia Knowledge Under Oath

FLASHBACK: All the Times Trump Publicly Chewed Out Jeff Sessions

Trump’s Latest Tweet May Have Made Mueller’s Obstruction Case for Him

Did President Trump Just Forget That Jeff Sessions Recused Himself from Russia Investigation?

‘Christian Sharia’: Twitter Reviews of Trump’s Religious Liberty Task Force Are in and They Are Not Good

After Trump Trashed A School Resource Officer, DOJ Scrapped Research Directive on School Resource Officers

On July 4th Eve, Jeff Sessions Quietly Rescinds a Bunch of Protections for Minorities

Sessions Faces Possible Expulsion From Methodist Church for Alleged ‘Child Abuse’ Based on Family Separations

Donald Trump Doesn’t Want to Take Credit for Separating Families, But Jeff Sessions Sure Does

Sessions Downplays Rosenstein’s Role in Comey Firing; Says OIG Report Could Prompt More Terminations

Trump Admin to Stop Granting Asylum to Domestic Violence Victims

Twittarians Expect Trump’s Pot Plan to Totally Trigger Jeff Sessions

The Government Just Agreed to Gut Obamacare and Three DOJ Lawyers Don’t Seem to Be Happy About It

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