Jeff Sessions

Trump Says Jeff Sessions’ Senate Race Runoff Is What Happens When You Allow a Witch Hunt

DOJ Clinton Probe That Trump Desired Has Reportedly Found ‘Nothing Worth Pursuing’

Legal Experts: Jeff Sessions ‘Likely Violated Federal Conflict of Interest Regulations’

Newly Revealed Letter Shows Jeff Sessions Really Did Order Investigation into Hillary Clinton Matters

Here’s What Could Be Under Some of Those Redactions in the Flynn Memo

Top Census Official Says Jeff Sessions Improperly Intervened to Ignore Data About Citizenship Question

Rod Rosenstein Endorses Acting AG Matthew Whitaker as ‘Superb Choice’

Here’s Some Pretty Bad News for Anyone Hoping that Mueller Will Subpoena President Trump

The Day After Sessions Resigned, Sources Say Robert Mueller Has Begun Writing the Russia Report

Legal Expert: There Is ‘No Legal Ethics Issue Here’ That Would Force Matthew Whitaker to Recuse Himself

Here’s What Happens if Acting AG Matthew Whitaker Fires Robert Mueller at Trump’s Command

Jeff Sessions Is Out. Who Is Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is Out. Here’s What Could Happen Next.

GOP Senate Gains Could Mean Sessions’ Days Are Numbered

Report: DOJ Lawyer Said There Were No Grounds for Suing Sanctuary Cities, but Sessions Didn’t Care

Trump Discussed Making Sessions’ Chief of Staff New Attorney General, Report Says

Court Rules Against Trump in Lawsuit Over California’s Sanctuary Cities

President Donald Trump Unleashes Most Brutal Tirade Against Jeff Sessions Yet

Accused NYC Terrorist Is Using Trump Tweets to Avoid the Death Penalty

Trump Just Created a New Way to Fire Jeff Sessions. Is Mueller Paying Attention?

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