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Jeff Sessions

New Trump Admin Policy Would Separate Undocumented Families Found at Border

Sessions is Apparently Ready to Violate His Recusal Pledge

‘Incompetent, Compromised, and Conflicted’: Joe diGenova Calls for Rod Rosenstein to be Fired Today

Sessions’s Office Definitely Knew About the FBI Raid of Michael Cohen’s Office (And Maybe Even Jeff Himself)

ANALYSIS: Constitution Compels Sessions Dismiss Mueller From Non-Campaign Cases

Fired FBI Deputy Director McCabe Was Investigating Jeff Sessions, Report Says

Sessions ‘Strongly’ Encourages Death Penalty for Drug-Related Crimes, but He Could Have Trouble Getting It

ICE Spox Quits Over Trump Admin’s ‘Misleading Facts’

Governor Declares ‘War’ on Trump Admin; Says Jeff Sessions ‘More Like Fox News Than a Law Enforcement Officer’

‘How Dare You’: Sessions Rips Mayor Who Tipped Off Immigrants Before ICE Raid

Why Evidence that Trump Bullied Sessions Could Fortify Mueller’s Obstruction Case

Mueller Investigating Trump’s Efforts to Bully Sessions into Resigning, Report Says

Rachel Brand Just Outmaneuvered President Trump

Trump Considering Asking Sessions to Prosecute Mueller, Friends Say

Federal Judge Slams ICE, Compares Them to ‘Regimes We Revile’

McCabe Ouster Won’t Help Trump Because FBI Still Loyal to Comey, NY Times Reporter Says

Sessions Blasts ‘Political Bias’ and ‘Favoritism’ Inside Justice Department

Latest Revelation Of Trump Action Opens New Avenue In Probe

Five Biggest Legal Takeaways from NY Times Bombshell Russia Probe Report

Sessions Takes Aim at Judges’ Handling of Immigration Cases

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