Lawyer Arrested for Trying to Bring Gun on Flight to Cuba, Cops Say

Walgreens Manager Arrested for Shooting at Alleged Shoplifter

TSA Screener Allegedly Allowed Loaded Handgun Through Security

Gun Industry Seeks to Ease Gov’t Restrictions on Silencers

Looks Like Santa Left Plenty of Guns Under California Trees This Holiday Season

Trump Supporter Arrested After Kids Allegedly Damaged His Lawn Sign

Lawyer Allegedly Challenged Deposition Witness to Gunfight: ‘Are You Ready for It!’

Why a Beauty Queen’s Case Against Chris Brown Could Collapse … and Turn Against Her

Suspects Found Asleep in Car With Stolen Property Outside Crime Scene, Police Say

Man Stops Home Invasion by Taking Alleged Perp’s Gun, Shooting Him

Sheriff: Gun Advocate Killed Daughters to Make Husband ‘Suffer’

Barber Accused of Pulling Gun, Telling Customer ‘I Don’t Do Black Hair’

Robert Durst Sentenced to More Than 7 Years For Gun Charge

Teacher Pleads Not Guilty After Allegedly Bringing Gun to School

College Student Wearing Empty Holster (No Gun) Cited By Campus Police

Homeowner Struggles With Legal Bills After Being Sued by Home Intruder He Shot

Gun-Loving Mother Accidentally Shot After Her Toddler Gets a Hold of Her Gun

Woman So Mad About Haircut She Pulled Gun on Barber: Cops

Maine Governor Tells Residents to Load Up Their Guns and Take Aim at Drug Dealers

One of El Chapo’s Guns Was Purchased Through Obama’s ‘Fast & Furious’ Program

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