Infamous Judge in Brock Turner Sexual Assault Case Fired From Job Coaching High School Girls Tennis

Singer Ryan Adams Has Total Meltdown over NY Times #MeToo Allegations, Deletes Legal Threat

Spreading False Rumors About Women Sleeping with Their Bosses Now Counts as Gender Discrimination

Top Senate Dem Aide Ousted Over ‘Inappropriate Sexual Encounters’ with Junior Staffers

Law Prof Calls B.S. on Melania Trump’s Claim About Sex Assault Victims

Please Stop Comparing the Kavanaugh Scandal to Anita Hill

If the Allegations Are True, Could Brett Kavanaugh Face Criminal Charges? Maybe.

We Asked Every Senate Democrat How They Felt About Senator Tom Carper’s Admission He Slapped His Wife. None of Them Seemed to Care.

Bill Cosby Likely to Be Classified as ‘Sexually Violent Predator’ by State Board

Law Prof: ‘Cannot Possibly Be True’ Kavanaugh Didn’t Know About Ex-Boss’ History of Sexual Misconduct

Prosecutor Shows Pictures of Wife’s Vagina To Secretary, Iowa Supreme Court Rules He Can Keep His Job

Woman Accuses Duran Duran’s Lead Singer Simon Le Bon of ‘Grabbing Her by the P****’ at Autograph Signing

Jim Jordan Threatened to Call the Police on Former Ohio State Wrestler For Speaking Out Against Sexual Abuse

Indiana Attorney General Accused of Grabbing Women’s Buttocks

#MeTooTAMU; Multiple Women Accuse Texas A&M of Sexual Assault Coverups, Inaction

Woody Allen Says He Should Be ‘Poster Boy’ of #MeToo Because He’s Treated Lots of Women Well

Southern Baptist Leader Accused of Trying to ‘Break Down’ Rape Victim

Morgan Freeman’s Legal Claims Against CNN for ‘Scandal-Mongering’ Actually Look Pretty Strong

Mario Batali Is Being Investigated by the NYPD, and It Already Looks Pretty Bad

Uber, Lyft Change Their Policies on Sexual Harassment

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