matthew Whitaker

Trump-Appointed Judge Deals Trump Admin Blow in FOIA Lawsuit Over Secret Whitaker Docs

Matthew Whitaker Cites Subtle Detail, Suggests Andrew McCabe Is ‘Imminently Going to Be Charged’

Matthew Whitaker Attempted to Clear Up ‘Skepticism’ About His Conversations with Trump. It Didn’t Go Well for Him.

Hmm, Whitaker Unceremoniously Left the DOJ Over the Weekend — What’s That All About?

Legal Experts on Latest Bombshell: ‘No Innocent Explanation’ If Trump Tried to Put Loyalist in Charge of Cohen Probe

Trump Reportedly Tried to Use Whitaker to Solve a Pesky Problem in the Southern District of New York

On the Matthew Whitaker Era That Wasn’t

The Vilification of Matthew Whitaker Turned Out to Be the Real Witch Hunt

Matthew Whitaker Just Did Some Incredibly Weird Things at House Hearing, But at Least He Answered Key Questions

Matthew Whitaker’s House Committee Appearance Is Already Shaping Up to Get Nasty

Fmr Fed Prosecutor: Whitaker’s Statement on Mueller Probe Was ‘Rookie-Level’ Mistake

Matthew Whitaker’s Wife Apparently Made a Bunch of Denials in a Lengthy Unsolicited Message

‘Un-American Act’: Emails Describe Damaging Impact of ‘Fraud’ Firm Advised by Matthew Whitaker

Matthew Whitaker Appears to Have Falsely Claimed ‘Academic All-American’ Status on Government Doc

Former Federal Prosecutor: Trump’s ‘Lashing Out’ at Matthew Whitaker May Have Been Obstruction

‘Blatant Attempt at Obstruction’: Fmr Fed Prosecutor Says Trump Complaining About Cohen Investigation Was ‘Criminal’

‘Refused to Recuse’: Ethics Watchdog Demands Immediate Investigation of Acting AG Matthew Whitaker

Acting AG Matthew Whitaker Was Advised to Recuse Himself from Mueller Probe. He Didn’t Do That.

Hundreds of Department of Justice Alumni Stand Up Against Matthew Whitaker’s Appointment

Matthew Whitaker’s Advance Knowledge of Cohen Plea Could Spell Trouble for Mueller

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