Florida’s Republican Governor, Accused of Botching COVID-19 Response, Could Be Deposed

States Can’t Agree on Whether to Postpone Democratic Primaries in Face of COVID-19 Threat

‘Modern-Day Poll Tax’: Florida Supreme Court Rules Ex-Felons Must Pay ‘All’ Fines to Restore Voting Rights

Man Allegedly Dumped Boy by Police Station Because He Thought Child Was Gay

Give Him a License? Black Labrador Drove Car in Circles for an Hour

Federal Judge Declares GOP ‘Poll Tax’ Unconstitutional, Says State Can’t Restrict Right to Vote Based on Ability to Pay

‘You Don’t Deserve to Be Here’: Florida Official Accuses Cop of Making False Arrest at Ceremony Honoring Police

Florida Mayor Defends Decision to Pay $460,000 Ransom to Criminals Who Hacked City Computers

Florida Governor Requests Criminal Inquiry into Handling of Jeffrey Epstein Case

Florida Judge Allegedly Choked Clerk Over Late Paperwork

‘Abhorrent’ and ‘Completely Wrong’: Former Florida Officials Push Back Against Acosta’s Account of Epstein Case

Florida Woman Allegedly Squeezed Boyfriend’s Testicles ‘Until They Bled’

Massage Parlor Customer Sues Cops Over Setting Up Video That Allegedly Caught Robert Kraft

Florida Man Injured in Hit-and-Run Allegedly Pulls Box Cutter on ‘Good Samaritan’ Before Being Shot

School Bus Aide Suspended for Taking Student’s MAGA Hat Because it ‘Personally Offended’ Her

Gender-Reassignment Doc Resigns After Allegedly Posting Pics of Patients’ Genitals on Instagram

Man Cleared in Sex Trafficking Probe That Ensnared Robert Kraft Plans on Suing

‘Thank God’ for Criminals: Inmates Break into Locked SUV to Save Baby (WATCH)

‘They Come Every Night’: Pastor Complains that Prostitutes Work Behind Church, Leave Condoms Behind

Deputies: Florida Man Accused of Improperly Calling 911 More Than 200 Times Just Wanted to Talk to Someone

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