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Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams Launch New Show, Take on Casey Anthony Case

Ken Starr Says Mueller Should Investigate Trump for ‘Lying to the American People’

Dan Abrams Slams Media For Failure To Adequately Cover Convicted Pedophile Larry Nassar Hearing

O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Is Still Trolling the Goldmans, and It’s Raising Serious Ethical Concerns

Dan Abrams: Harvey Weinstein Should Be ‘Very Nervous’ Right Now

Dan Abrams: Suspects in Mueller Indictment Might Think They’re Going to Get Pardoned

Scott Peterson: Guilty or No? Lead Detective Battles It Out With Longtime Journo

Nancy Grace Goes off the Rails over Anthony Weiner Sentence

Dan Abrams Launches Legal Debate Series on Podcast

‘The Kayak Sunk, Dan’: This Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace Fight Is More Epic Than Usual (WATCH)

‘This is Wrong!’: Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams Battle it Out Over Whether OJ Will Go Free

Dan Abrams: Trump ‘Obligated’ to Prosecute if He Believes Comey Lied Under Oath

Dan Abrams: Trump has ‘Very Weak Legal Argument’ for Blocking Comey Testimony With Executive Privilege

‘Victim Blaming!’: Dan Abrams, Nancy Grace Go at It Over Mom’s Mysterious Disappearance

‘Then What Does the First Amendment Mean?’ Dan Abrams Knocks White House Claim That Tax Release is Illegal

‘Rank Speculation!’: Dan Abrams Battles Conservative Lawyer Over Trump Wiretapping Allegations

Live Legal Analysis of Trump Wiretapping Claim, FISA, and Travel Ban on LawNewz Network

Dan Abrams Compares Indicting Jeff Sessions To Hillary Clinton, ‘Nearly Impossible’

Dan Abrams Says Law Gives Trump Leverage in ‘Muslim Ban’ Fight

‘Look at Her Behavior!’: Nancy Grace Erupts in Disbelief Over Dalia Dippolito Mistrial

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