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President Trump Just Offered a Suggestion to End NFL Anthem Controversy, But It Has One Critical Flaw

Just So We’re Clear, Peyton Manning’s Lawyers Did Not Confirm He Used HGH

Fmr NBA Star Hit with Restraining Order After Allegedly Threatening to Send Nude Pics of Ex to Her Son

Al Jazeera Claims Peyton Manning as Secret Source in Athlete Doping Report

Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones: Trump Said ‘Tell Everybody, You Can’t Win’ on National Anthem Protests

NBA Hit with Wrongful Death Lawsuit over Player Who Collapsed on Court

Kaepernick’s Lawyer Responds to NFL’s Anthem Policy by Suggesting Trump and Pence Broke Law

‘Taser! Taser! Taser!’: Cops Use Stun Gun on NBA Player After Alleged Parking Violation (Video)

NFL to Require Players to Stand for the National Anthem or Stay Off the Field

‘Belly Jelly’: Ex-NFL Cheerleader Accuses Coach of Body Shaming in New Lawsuit

The NFL Has Been Acting Like a Pimp, and Two Cheerleaders Have Had Enough

This Cop Had Some Opinions About the NBA, So He Tweeted Them. It Didn’t Go So Well.

Tennis Player’s Speech Was So Bad Someone Said Reading About it Was ‘Assault’

Conor McGregor Perp Walked After Arrest for Throwing Fit at UFC Press Conference (VIDEO)

Easy There, Tiger: Woods Joins Trump in NDA Trouble Club With Latest Issue

Coach Disappointed After Virginia Tech Women’s Lacrosse Team Sings N-Word Over and Over (VIDEO)

Fmr MLB Star Albert Belle Arrested for Alleged DUI, Indecent Exposure

NFL’s Michael Bennett Wanted for Injuring Paraplegic, Some See Race Double Standard

NFL Player Zay Jones Arrested After Naked, Bloody Struggle (VIDEO)

49ers Reuben Foster Arrested for the Second Time this Month

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