Legal Scholars: Argument That Trump Can’t Pardon Roger Stone Is Wrong

House Democrats’ Top Impeachment Lawyer: ‘If We Had Litigated It All, Then the President Wins’

Impeachment Witnesses Who Testified Publicly Are Angry with John Bolton

#RecallRomney Trends After GOP Senator Votes to Convict Trump for Abuse of Power

‘Profoundly Religious’ Romney Says Trump Is Guilty of ‘Appalling Abuse’ of Power

Giuliani Reportedly Played Videos of Ukraine Interviews for Trump While Impeachment Inquiry Was Ongoing

Giuliani: Trump ‘Shouldn’t Back Away’ from Investigating Joe Biden Post-Impeachment Acquittal

Looks Like Two Crucial Court Cases Won’t Be Decided Before Senate GOP Ends Impeachment Trial

Senate Democrat Pushes for Formal Rebuke of Trump: ‘What the President Did Was Wrong’

House Manager References Harry Potter During Closing Arguments for Some Reason

Trump Asked John Bolton to Participate in the Ukraine Drug Deal: Book

Cipollone ‘Must Come Clean’? Calls for Disciplinary Action Against WH Counsel Intensify

Senate GOP Sparks Outrage, Declares It Conducted a ‘Fair’ Trump Trial

Trump Trial Poised to Reach Predictable End in Senate: He Did It, So What?

Pelosi Suggests Trump’s Lawyers Should Be Disbarred for Their Statements at Trial

Pelosi ‘Diminished Institution of Congress’ with ‘Irresponsible’ Remarks: Impeachment Expert

The Moment Chief Justice Roberts ‘Declined to Read’ Rand Paul’s Whistleblower Question

Top 5 Moments During Impeachment Trial Grilling of Trump Legal Team and House Managers

Bolton ‘Strongly Implied’ in Sept. 2019 Call Something Was Wrong About Yovanovitch Removal: Rep. Engel

Trump ‘Either Lying or Confessing’ to Endangering National Security in Bolton Tirade: Law Profs

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