Schiff: Russia Achieved ‘Propaganda Coup’ in Trump Era That Soviet Union Never Could During Cold War

Trump Was Reportedly Recorded Demanding Marie Yovanovitch’s Firing: ‘Get Rid of Her!’

GOP Senators Have Been Warned: Vote Against Trump and ‘Your Head Will Be on a Pike’

Impeachment Manager: Mike Pence Involved in ‘Cover Up’ of Call with Ukrainian President

‘Damning Bits and Pieces of the Truth’: New Ukraine Emails Detail ‘Coverup’ to Withhold Aid

Calls for Pat Cipollone’s Disbarment Swell After ‘Brazen Lack of Candor’ During Impeachment Trial

Impeachment Manager: Trump Just Confessed to Obstructing Congress

Pat Cipollone Called Out for ‘Brazen, Disgraceful, and Shameful Lie’ About Impeachment Investigation

Dershowitz Argument that Trump Could Let Putin Take Alaska Shows Up in House Brief

Supreme Court Lawyer: McConnell Argument Against New Witnesses Boomerangs on Itself, ‘Makes Zero Sense’

Trump’s Impeachment Brief Performs Time Travel, ‘Doesn’t Even Bother’ with ‘Pretense of Lawfulness’

McConnell’s Proposed Impeachment Trial Rules Are ‘Big Change from the Clinton Rules’

Alan Dershowitz in 1999: If I Were in Charge of Defending Bill Clinton, I’d Say Fire Dershowitz

Impeachment Managers: Trump’s ‘Chilling’ Arguments Against Impeachment Are ‘Dead Wrong’

Former Bush WH Ethics Lawyer on Trump’s Blatant Lie About Bolton Testimony: ‘He Has Lost It Psychologically’

‘Garbage Dressed Up as Legal Argument’: Lawyers, Law Profs ‘Baffled’ by Trial Memo’s Defense of Trump

Trump White House Really Doesn’t Want to Let Lev Parnas Speak at Impeachment Trial

Nixon’s Former WH Counsel: Chief Justice Should ‘Kill’ McConnell’s Impeachment Trial Schedule

First Amendment Groups Take Sen. McConnell to Task for Press Restrictions at Impeachment Trial

Trump in 1999: Ken Starr Is a ‘Freak’ and ‘I Bet He’s Got Something in His Closet’

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