GOP Senator Tries to Speak Swift Trump Acquittal into Existence, Says Colleagues ‘Know We Need to End This’

Mueller’s Top Lieutenant Says the White House Is ‘Bluffing’ on Bolton Testimony

McConnell Said in Private Meeting That He Doesn’t Have Votes to Block Witnesses: Report

Conservatives Roundly Criticize Elizabeth Warren, Say Dershowitz Took Her to ‘Legal Woodshed’

Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow Scores Own Goal, Makes Case for Bolton Testimony

Constitutional Law Scholar: Trump’s Blanket Refusal to Comply with Subpoenas Is ‘Without Precedent or Legal Justification’

Legal Experts: Trump Reaction to Bolton Effectively Waived Executive Privilege Claim, Was ‘Another Unforced Error’

Legal Ethics Scholar: Pat Cipollone Should Not Be on President Trump’s Defense Team

Trump Impeachment Defense Lawyer Dismisses Giuliani as ‘Minor Player’ in Ukraine Scandal

Independent Senator Boldly Predicts Bolton News Will Make 5-10 GOP Senators Call for Witnesses

Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow Smartly Dodged John Bolton Book News Right Out of the Gate

Are Democrats Really Serious About John Bolton’s Testimony?

GOP Senators Initially Cancelled Scheduled Presser, Seemingly Due to John Bolton News (UPDATE)

‘This Is the Defense Argument? Whining About Process?’: Trump Impeachment Lawyers Ridiculed for Weak Case

‘This Is Not True’: Pat Cipollone Criticized for False Claim About 2020 Election During Trump Defense

Lindsey Graham’s Proposal to Investigate Joe Biden Slammed as Work of ‘President’s Political Lapdogs’

George Conway: President Trump Needs to Be Called as a Witness at His Impeachment Trial

Schiff: Russia Achieved ‘Propaganda Coup’ in Trump Era That Soviet Union Never Could During Cold War

Trump Was Reportedly Recorded Demanding Marie Yovanovitch’s Firing: ‘Get Rid of Her!’

GOP Senators Have Been Warned: Vote Against Trump and ‘Your Head Will Be on a Pike’

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