Sexual Misconduct

Popular Anti-Trump Dem Accused of Coercing 17-Year-Old to Perform Oral Sex

Michigan State’s Attempt To Weasel Out of Responsibility For Dr. Larry Nassar’s Crimes is Pretty Disgusting

LA Prosecutors Weighing Charges Against Director James Toback

David Brock Group Gave Lisa Bloom $200,000 to Support Potential Trump Sexual Misconduct Case, Report Says

VICE Settled with Mixed-Race Journalist Who Claimed Producer Asked About Color of Her Nipples

Lawmaker Allegedly Groped Aide After Angrily Demanding Donuts

Harvey Weinstein Investigated over Victim Payoffs, Report Says

Mario Batali’s Apology Just Made Sexual Harassment Claims Against Him a Whole Lot Worse

Accusers Face Risks in Breaking Nondisclosure Agreements

Colleges Review Honors Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Matt Lauer Could Still End Up Getting Paid Millions After NBC Firing

5 Grossest Allegations in the Charlie Rose Bombshell Article

‘Completely Unacceptable’: Fellow Dem Calls Out Al Franken

Julian Assange Finally Questioned by Swedish Prosecutors About Rape Allegations

Here’s a List of Bill Clinton’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Trump’s New Target: Here’s a Look at Bill Clinton’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct

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