John Brennan

Fmr CIA Director Brennan: Trump Knows It’s ‘Impossible’ for Him ‘To Escape American Justice’

EXCLUSIVE: X-Ray Photo, and Inside Details About Today’s Bombs

President Trump Dares Fmr CIA Head John Brennan to Sue Him over Security Clearance

Andrew McCabe’s Lawyer Is Clearly Pissed About President Trump’s Security Clearance Bloodbath

ABA Legal Fact Check: Can Trump Revoke Security Clearances of Ex-Gov’t Officials Who Criticize Him?

Trump Considering Revoking Clearance from Comey, Brennan, Others

‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’: Former CIA Director Calls Trump-Putin Presser an Impeachable Offense

Did John Brennan Perjure Himself Over Steele Dossier?

Brennan Says It’s ‘Puzzling’ Why Trump Keeps Downplaying Russia Interference

Brennan Says Anyone Who Thinks He’s Responsible for Flynn Leaks Is ‘Dead Wrong’

Trump Calls CIA Director’s Refusal to Consider Waterboarding a Sign of Weakness

Teen Accused of Hacking CIA Director Now in Custody

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