Family separation

Alarming GAO Report: ‘Unclear’ if Government Has Accurate Records of Children Separated from Parents

Children Got PTSD Due to Trump Admin’s Family Separation Policy, Gov’t Watchdog Says

Today is the Deadline for Gov’t to Reunite Separated Families. Here’s What Could Happen if They Don’t.

Childrens’ Center Bars Avenatti from Seeing Immigrant Clients, Then Lets Him in After Press Coverage

‘This Situation Has Reached a Crisis Level’: Judge Orders Trump Admin to Reunite Separated Families

President Trump Regrets Order Ending Family Separations, Report Says

Prosecutors Dismiss Border Crossing Cases While DOJ Claims No Change to Zero Tolerance Policy

Lawsuit Claims Family Seeking Asylum Did Everything They Were Supposed to, Were Separated Anyway

Sheriff Forbids Deputies from Helping Trump Admin Guard Tent City Where Kids are Held

‘Tender Age’ Terminology for Child Detention is Product of Obama Era Immigration Policy

UPDATE: Trump Signs Order Ending Family Separation

Why Family Separation at the Border Won’t End Any Time Soon

Fmr US Attorneys Appeal to Trump Admin By Explaining How ‘Expensive’ Family Separation Is

Congress Could Stop Trump’s Family Separation Policy by Repealing or Changing This Law

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