WATCH: ‘Making A Murderer’ Reporter, Attorney Square Off Again!

‘Making A Murderer’: Avery Absolutely Guilty But Dassey Innocent

Steven Avery’s Lawyer Claims He Has An ‘Airtight Alibi’

WATCH: Steven Avery’s Son is Unsure His Father is Innocent

Dateline’s ‘Making a Murderer’ Special Was a Major Letdown

Making a Murderer Producer May Have Used People’s Images Without Permission

‘Making a Murderer’ Prosecutor Ken Kratz Wants to Cash In With New Book

Steven Avery’s Attorney: ‘A Big Part of Me Worries That He May Be Guilty’

Steven Avery Sends Really Strange Letter From Prison

Uh, No, ‘Making a Murderer’ Producers, the ‘State’ Didn’t Try to Block the Release of Your Film

‘Making a Murderer’ Jurors Call B.S. on Dismissed Juror’s Claim

Judge Instructs Jurors Not to Watch ‘Making a Murderer’

‘Making a Murderer’ Deputy Goes Off on Reporter

Finally, Here’s the Full Steven Avery Trial Transcript

‘Making A Murderer’: Avery Absolutely Guilty But Dassey Innocent

Sheriff Tells Dr. Phil He Knew About Call That Could Have Exonerated Avery

WATCH: Brendan Dassey Interrogation Tapes

Making a Murderer: Making a Fool Out of You

Beth Karas: Evidence in Doc Not Enough to Convict Steven Avery

WATCH: Steven Avery ‘Making a Murderer’ Footage

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