Antifa Activists Beat Down Liberal Protester for Holding American Flag (WATCH)

Police Release Man Who Apparently Attempted To Mow Down Anti-Fascists In Washington State (WATCH)

‘Domestic Terrorist Violence’: FBI, DHS Warn About Antifa in Midst of Escalating Violence

Mayor Says Antifa Should Be Classified ‘Gang’ By Law Enforcement

Trump Supporters Beaten By Anti-Fascists At Berkeley Protests (VIDEO)

White House Must Respond to Petition Calling For Antifa to Be Labeled Terrorist Group

Nearly Forty-Thousand Anti-Racists Surround ‘Alt-Right’ Rally In Boston (WATCH)

Anti-Fascists and Anti-Racists Clash With Neo-Nazis In Boston

White Nationalist Figure ‘Based Stickman’ Charged for Weapon in Berkeley Brawl

Why Heather Heyer’s Killer Is a Prime Candidate For Domestic Terrorism Charges

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