‘Proud Boys’ Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Role in 2018 Street Brawl

FBI Arrests Right-Wing ‘Radical’ Who Allegedly Wanted to Bomb Major News Org, Target Beto O’Rourke

George Conway: Trump Proves He’s a ‘Moron’ on an ‘Hourly Basis’

Outbreak of Violence in Portland Sparks Proposal to Ban Masked Protesting

Antifa Activists Beat Down Liberal Protester for Holding American Flag (WATCH)

Police Release Man Who Apparently Attempted To Mow Down Anti-Fascists In Washington State (WATCH)

‘Domestic Terrorist Violence’: FBI, DHS Warn About Antifa in Midst of Escalating Violence

Mayor Says Antifa Should Be Classified ‘Gang’ By Law Enforcement

Trump Supporters Beaten By Anti-Fascists At Berkeley Protests (VIDEO)

White House Must Respond to Petition Calling For Antifa to Be Labeled Terrorist Group

Nearly Forty-Thousand Anti-Racists Surround ‘Alt-Right’ Rally In Boston (WATCH)

Anti-Fascists and Anti-Racists Clash With Neo-Nazis In Boston

White Nationalist Figure ‘Based Stickman’ Charged for Weapon in Berkeley Brawl

Why Heather Heyer’s Killer Is a Prime Candidate For Domestic Terrorism Charges

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