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LawNewz’s 38 Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in America




Jimmy Berry

Berry has kept more than 50 killers from the death chamber, including Fred Tokars, who planned the murder of his wife, Sara Tokars. “I just believe there’s good in every life,” he told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “People do terrible things but a life is a life. I feel strongly the death penalty is not good for society.”


Page Pate

page pate

Pate is known for his constant roster of high-profile cases include doctors involved in alleged prescription pill mills, and a teacher accused in the Atlanta Public School cheating scandal. He was able to obtain a deal for the teacher of a misdemeanor plea, and only 12 months probation.  [image via CNN screengrab]


Steve Sadow

steve sadow

Sadow is known for representing high-profile clients all over Georgia, including quite a few in the music industry, such as rapper T.I., and Rick Ross.  Sadow also led the successful defense of Howard K. Stern, the attorney and boyfriend of model Anna Nicole Smith, who was charged with criminal conspiracy and prescription drug fraud in Los Angeles. Sadow got his previous conviction set aside, and charges dismissed.  [image via screengrab]

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