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Former CIA Officer Found with Classified Info After Leaving Hong Kong, Say DOJ

School District Let Teacher Keep Job After Determining He Sexually Harassed 14-Year-Old Girl

Survivor Rips Michigan State University for ‘Absence’ in Stopping Dr. Larry Nassar (WATCH)

Watch This Survivor Come Back to ‘Destroy’ Child Molester Dr. Larry Nassar With Her Words

Parents Held 13 Children Captive, Some Shackled to Beds, Say Deputies

Father of Two Is Getting Deported Even Though He Doesn’t Have Criminal Record, Supporters Say

Student Evades Muggers by Jumping in Front of Car: ‘It’s Better Than Being Shot’

Murder Defendant Insisted He Was Innocent But Defense Lawyer Told Jurors He Was Guilty

‘Last Day on This Pathetic Planet’: Man Allegedly Threatened to Commit Mass Shooting at NFL Playoff Game

Hit Team Realized They Kidnapped Wrong Woman, Killed Her Anyway, Sheriff Says

Doctor Avoids Jail After Burning Initials onto Patients’ Livers

Parents of 3-Year-Old Are Indicted in Her Death

The Stormy Daniels Denial That She Had Sex with Donald Trump

3 Most Important Details About Trump Lawyer Allegedly Arranging Porn Star Hush Money

This Town Will Fine Nonresidents Who Drive Through During Rush Hour

Here’s Why Woman Is Forced to Pay for Abusive Husband’s Divorce Attorney

Vegan Chef Pleads Not Guilty to Killing Children and Ex-Wife on Christmas Day

So Turns Out, Michelle Williams’ Contract Reportedly Prevented Her from Big Payday on Reshoot

4th Grade Assignment Asked Students to Give 3 ‘Good’ Reasons for Slavery

School Officials Suspended Student Because She Accused This Teacher of Sexual Assault, Police Say

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