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Suspect in Custody After 200 Gravestones Vandalized with Swastikas

Four White Teens Charged with Hate Crime Due to Racist Graffiti Targeting Black Principal

‘Call the Cops’: Captive Woman Escaped After Slipping Note to Veterinarian Staff, Deputies Say

‘Combat Vet’ Drunkenly Flipped Off Las Vegas Shooter and Tried to Use Officer’s Rifle, Cop Says

Officer Advises Man to Break Into Ex-Girlfriend’s Apartment, She Responds with Rifle (WATCH)

‘Get Out of My Country’: Man at McDonald’s Used Stun Gun, Knife to Attack Men He Thought Were Muslims

Dancing Doctor Who Made Music Videos During Procedures Hit with Multiple Lawsuits

White Man Charged with Hate Crime After ‘Monkey Motherf—er’ Rant (WATCH)

Sledgehammer-Wielding Man Smashes Escaping SUV, Hits Passenger and Gets Away (WATCH)

Cops Save Two Children and Apparently Disturbed Woman High Up on Ledge (WATCH)

Priest Allegedly Found Couple Having Daytime Sex in ‘Sacred Area’ Next to Police Station

‘I Don’t Like Living Here’: 30-Year-Old Ordered by Court to Leave Parents’ House Speaks Out

Parents Turn to Judge to Get Unemployed, 30-Year-Old Son Out of the House

Junior Firefighter Allegedly Responded to Fire that He Started

ICE Agent Impersonator Gets 2 Years in Prison After Police Find Weapons Arsenal

Woman Claims Guards Ignored Her, Accused of Faking Labor Before She Gave Birth in Jail Cell

Adults at Park Chased Away by Kids Armed with Rocks and Gun

Florida Man Climbed Playground Equipment, Told Children Where Babies Come From, Police Say

Michael Flynn Jr. Issues Ominous Twitter Warning: ‘You’re All Going Down’

Cosmetic Surgeon Sings, Dances While Patient Exposed on Operating Table (VIDEO)

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