Texas Woman, 18, Charged with Murder After Allegedly Enticing Victim with Sex to Rob Him

Sheriff: Arizona Man Buried His Dead 97-Year-Old Mom in Backyard to Continue Collecting Her Benefits

After 70-Year-Old Woman Found Dead, Police Say She Was Sexually Assaulted with an Umbrella

Daycare Center Co-Owner Arrested After 4-Month-Old Found Dead in Van, Police Say

Detectives: Doctors Found Drugs in Butt of 13-Time Convicted Felon Who Shot Himself ‘Through His Testicles’

Lawsuit: Buffalo Wild Wings Allowed Staff to Refuse Service to Black Patrons

Drunk GOP Lawmaker Punched Wife Because She Didn’t Undress Quickly Enough for Sex, Deputies Say

NYPD Cop Allegedly Tried to Hire Hitman to Kill Estranged Husband, Boyfriend’s Teen Daughter

Home Invader Stabbed Himself After Getting Shot by Resident, Cops Say

Columbine Survivor Austin Eubanks Found Dead at His Home

Mother of Missing 4-Year-Old Says She Has ‘Nothing’ to Say to Ex-Fiancé Charged in Disappearance

Former CIA Agent Sentenced After He Spied for China

Police Identify Alleged Gunman Tackled by Football Star

Police Execute Search Warrant on NC Woman for Listening to Malcolm X Speech

Daughter Said ‘Daddy, I Love You’ Before Father Strangled Her and the Rest of His Kids, FBI Agent Testifies

‘It’s Upsetting, It’s Scary’: U.S. Census Bureau Hired Registered Child Sex Offender in N.C.

She’s Not Smiling Now: Florida Woman Who Went Viral After Fatal DUI Crash Is Going to Prison

Chicago Police ‘Assume’ 2 Women Ripped Baby from Teenager’s Womb to Raise as Their Own

‘Why Is She Still Texting Me’: Gym Teacher Allegedly Had Sex with Teen While Parked Behind a Hampton Inn

Federal Judge: Felix Sater Gave the U.S. Government Osama bin Laden’s Phone Number

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