Man Blinded in One Eye Defending Gay Stepson from Homophobic Superintendent, Lawsuit Says

Russell Simmons Allegedly Sexually Assaulted 17-Year-Old as Brett Ratner Watched

Ex-Lawmaker Agrees to Plead Guilty for Seeking ‘Sexual Stuff’ from Teen Boy

Nurses Appear To Laugh As World War II Veteran Dies Gasping For Air (WATCH)

Manspreader Tossed Off Train After Punching Woman Who Complained (WATCH)

Woman Flips Car While Trying To Evade New York City Cops (WATCH)

Chemistry Teacher Arrested for Sexting, Raping Student

Ex-Cheerleading Coach Tearfully Defends Painful Splits Seen in Viral Video

Judge Writes Unsolicited Post About ’50 Very Attractive Females’ He’s Slept With

Psych Patient Escapes Hospital to Show He Could Be Outside

‘No Motive’: Possible Serial Murders Leave Police Stunned

Anti-Gay Republican Resigns After Allegedly Being Caught Having Gay Sex In His Office

Old White Man Berates And Attacks Young Asian Man While On California Train (WATCH)

Pro-Trump Group Under Fire For Apparently Anti-Semitic Tweet

Man Who Believes Mueller Wants to Kill Him Just Tried To Intervene in Russia Case

Roy Moore Once Stabbed Himself With Knife During Murder Trial

Court Revives Case of Man Who Claims Stuffed Animals are Vital for His Religion

4 Juveniles Escape from Detention Center, Steal Guard’s Car

Ex-Pro Football Player Charged in Wife’s Murder, Allegedly Fed Cops False Story About Attackers

Woman Faints in Court While Declared Guilty of Attempted Murder (VIDEO)

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