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NFL Player Zay Jones Arrested After Naked, Bloody Struggle (VIDEO)

GOP Rep. Martha McSally Caught Posting Fake Compliments to Her Own Facebook Account

Judith Regan Radio Interview Cuts Out After Host Asked if She Paid O.J. Simpson

Councilman Apologizes After Video Accusing Jewish Bankers of Controlling Climate

11 Arrested After Alleged Animal Sacrifice Ceremony in Suburban Home

Black Man Beaten in Charlottesville Rally Acquitted of Attacking White Nationalist

Students Suspended Over Walk Outs While Knife-Wielding Parent ‘Gently Escorted’ From Same School (VIDEO)

Man Stole Thumb from Terracotta Warrior Statue, Prosecutors Say

Southwest Airlines Kicks Off Father and Scared 2-Year-Old Because She was Fussing (VIDEO)

Sister of Charleston Church Shooter Arrested for Allegedly Bringing Weapons to School Walkout Day

Stormy Daniels is Now Crowdfunding In Case She Loses Against Trump, Michael Cohen

Child Molester Attacked by Machete-, Knife-Wielding Men, Police Say

White Nationalist Attacked Wife and Mistress’ Husband When Confronted About Affair, Police Say

Fmr Student Gets Probation After Rubbing Tampons On Roommate’s Belongings

Insane Video Shows U.S. Marshal Shooting Armed Defendant in Federal Courtroom (WATCH)

NFL Linebacker Pleads Not Guilty to Biting Woman

Bride Arrested for DUI on Her Way to Wedding

Kris Kobach Loses Expert Testimony After Yet Another Courtroom Blunder

Students Petition Against Law Prof Who Claimed Black Students Don’t Perform Well

Man Uses Mallet to Beat Crap Out of Alleged Hit and Run Vehicle (WATCH)

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