Lawyer: Belief in Scientology Totally Explains Why Client Killed Sister-in-Law and Her Boyfriend

Florida Man Who Allegedly Raped a Child Was Wearing a Shirt That’ll Make You Cringe

Lawyer Showed Up to Court with ‘Bedbugs’ Crawling All Over Him ‘in Abundance,’ Seemingly Had No Idea

Truck Driver Allegedly Runs Ambulance Off the Road, Fends Off Cops With a Machete (VIDEO)

‘You Are an Embarrassment to the Profession’: Twitter Feud Between Avenatti and Immigration Lawyer Gets Out of Control

Kansas Judge Blames Teen Girls Who Were Solicited for Sex on the Internet by 67-Year-Old Man

Police: Nebraska Woman Admits ‘Jealous Competition with Half Sister’ Led to Incest

After Police Raid ‘Illegal Strip Club,’ N.C. Man Says Wife and Daughter Used Pole in ‘Man Cave’ to Exercise

Lawsuit: Teacher Was Fired from Catholic School Because She Was Pregnant and Unmarried

Ex-Lawyer Supposed to Be In Prison for Cheating Clients, But Now He’s Wanted in His Mom’s Murder

Manhunt: Escaped Inmate Faces 3 Pending Murder Charges, Was MMA Fighter

N.C. Oral Surgeon Accused of Sexually Abusing at Least Four Female Patients Under Anesthesia

Mother Allegedly Poured Water on Sleeping 9-Month-Old Baby’s Face as ‘Payback’ for Waking Her Up

Florida Woman Allegedly Cut Up Boyfriend and Lived with His Corpse — Deputies Aren’t Buying the Explanation

Deputies: Florida Man Accused of Improperly Calling 911 More Than 200 Times Just Wanted to Talk to Someone

Cop Who Allegedly Killed Colleague During Game of Russian Roulette Also Accused of Drinking on Duty

Parents of Slain Oregon Teen Finally Speak Out About Defendant Fleeing U.S. with Saudi Government’s Help

Former Nurse Indicted for Allegedly Raping Incapacitated Woman at Arizona Healthcare Facility

‘She Needs an Ass-Whooping’: Teen Allegedly Ordered a Pizza Just So She Could Steal Delivery Car and Visit Boyfriend

Inmate Allegedly Wanted Latin Kings to Put Brother-in-Law ‘in the Dirt ASAP’ — in Front of His Kids, if Needed

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