Here’s How Jail Officials Reportedly Screwed Up Looking After Epstein

Apparent White Supremacist Threatened to Shoot Up Walmart with AR-15, Says Investigators

Judge’s Ruling Stymies Defense Strategy in Jennifer Dulos Disappearance

We May Never Know Motive Behind Alleged Murder Spree by Canadian Teens, Cops Say

DOJ: Child Porn Suspect Also Shared ‘Hunting Guide’ Targeting Jews, Muslims

Cousin: Woman Who Killed Daughters for Damaging Her Sex Life Should’ve Gotten Death

Officer Somehow Survives After Stopped Driver Suddenly Heads for the Highway (VIDEO)

Bystanders Chant ‘Lock Him Up’ After Man Punches Anti-Trump Protester (WATCH)

Vape Thief Tried Using Uber as Getaway Vehicle After Lyft Driver Refused to Help: Deputies

Canadian Police Hit Wall in Search for Teens Who Allegedly Killed Couple, Botanist

Woman Pleads Guilty After Son Found Dead in Storage Unit Two Days Before Christmas

Report: Jeffrey Epstein Dreamed of Turning New Mexico Ranch Into Insemination Factory

Sheriff: Man Behind Murder-Suicide Might Have Copied Jayme Closs Kidnapping

‘You Will Not Take My Child’: Texas Woman Allegedly Left Baby in Car Outside of a Club, Shouted N-Word at Cop

This Is Why Rosenbaum Murder Trial Deliberations Had to Start All Over Again

Peetato Potahto: Suspect in ‘Obscene’ Walmart Urination Incident Turns Herself in

Remains of Infamous Gangster John Dillinger to Be Dug Up for Unknown Reason

‘Outrageous’: Police Searching for Woman Accused of Urinating on Potatoes in a Walmart

John McAfee Breaks Silence, Claims He’s in ‘Ultra-Secure Facility’ Hiding from ‘In-Justice Department’

GOP Senator: ‘I Could Be a Victim of Racism, I Just Don’t Offend Easily’

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