Landscapers Covered in Syrup Allegedly Had Sex in Client’s Home, and There Was Video Evidence

Cop Fatally Shoots Army Vet Who Saved Grandson from Naked Intruder, No Charges Filed

Here’s Why Utah Man Won’t Face Hate Crime Charge Even Though He Allegedly Yelled ‘I’m Here to Kill a Mexican’

Chris Watts Quietly Freaked Out When Neighbor Showed Surveillance Footage of Him at His Truck (VIDEO)

Pro-Trump Activist Behind Discredited Robert Mueller Sex Assault Allegations Has Two Bullets Lodged in His Butt

Lawsuit: Grandmother Mistakenly Booked into Jail as Man Even Though She Was Strip Searched

Court Denies Man Who Wanted to Recapture Youth by Legally Changing His Age

Teacher Accidentally Showed Students Porn, Then Things Got Way Worse, Police Say

Man with Hammer Lashed Out at Spa Workers in Outrageous Attack, Police Say (VIDEO)

Mark Hamill Comments After Cops Arrest Luke Sky Walker

Drunk Driver Might Have Been Sleeping While Tesla Car Went 70 MPH on Autopilot, Troopers Say

‘Maniac Trump Supporter’ Identified as Cesar Sayoc Allegedly Threw Urine at Lesbian Couple

Marriage Office Clerk Thought New Mexico Was Foreign Country, Asked Fmr Candidate for Passport

Paul Caneiro Pleads Not Guilty to Killing Brother and Family, Starting Fire at Mansion

Discarded Business Card Led Police to Suspect in Heinous Murder and Sexual Assault at Catholic Store

Registered Sex Offender Arrested When He Showed Up for Job as Santa Claus

Lawyer for Man Charged with Raping 15-Year-Old Used Abortion Law in Odd Defense

No Charges Expected in Mysterious Drowning Death of 6-Year-Old North Carolina Boy

Man Killed Brother and Family, Set Own House on Fire as ‘Ruse,’ Prosecutor Says

Woman Allegedly Posed as Child Protective Services Worker, Tried Recruiting Cops So She Could Kidnap Infant

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