Second U.S. Official Can Reportedly Corroborate Bill Taylor’s Account of Trump-Sondland Call

Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr Laments ‘Culture of Impeachment’

This Is the Lawyer Doing the Questioning for House Republicans in Public Impeachment Hearings

Trump Discussed Firing IG He Appointed for Finding Whistleblower Complaint ‘Credible’ and Urgent: Report

Gov’t Watchdog Demands Ethics Investigation into Giuliani’s Shadow Diplomacy in Ukraine

Former Federal Prosecutor Joe diGenova Compares Whistleblower to Abraham Lincoln’s Assassin

This Is the Former Federal Prosecutor Doing the Questioning for House Dems in Public Impeachment Hearings

Longtime Rick Perry Backers Were Awarded Major Oil and Gas Deal by Ukrainian Government

After Ignoring Subpoena to Testify, Trump’s Chief of Staff Joins Lawsuit Seeking Court Intervention

House Republicans Plan to Call Hunter Biden and the Whistleblower as Impeachment Witnesses

The Sondland-Mulvaney ‘Drug Deal’ and John Solomon’s ‘False Narrative’ Spotlighted in Latest Transcripts

Transcript: Trump Wanted Ukrainian President to Mention Hillary Clinton in Public Announcement

Whistleblower Advocates Demand Obstruction Probe, Suggest Don Jr. Should Be ‘Immediately Arrested’

Fiona Hill’s Lawyer Accuses Gordon Sondland of Lying to Congress About Ukraine Discussions

Texts Show Giuliani Urging Kurt Volker to ‘Tell the Truth’ Days Before Ukraine Scandal Exploded

Lawsuit Claims the State Department Engaged in Illegal ‘Shadow Diplomacy’ in Ukraine

Impeachment Inquiry Transcript Shows Devin Nunes Desperately Trying to Tie Steele Dossier to Ukraine

‘There’s No Way to Deep-State or Never-Trump This’: Trump Appointee Admits Quid Pro Quo

Trump: Memo of Call with Zelensky Speaks for Itself. Also Trump: The Whistleblower Must Testify.

NSC Lawyer Who Proposed Putting Trump-Zelensky Call in Codeword-Protected Server Refuses to Testify

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