This May Be the Real Reason Why Republicans Canceled Vote on Subpoena in Hunter Biden Probe

Watchdog Demands Investigation of AG Barr for ‘Failure to Recuse’ from Ukraine Affair

Previously Unreleased Defense Dept. Email Confirms Trump Made ‘Final Decision’ on Withholding Ukraine Aid

House Dems Want to Know Why Trump-Appointed World Bank President Was in Ukraine at ‘Apex’ of Pressure Campaign

No. 3 Ranking Pentagon Official Who Undercut Trump’s Ukraine Corruption Concerns Resigns

‘Another Quid Pro Quo’: Trump Accused of Trying to ‘Extort’ NY Governor in Plain Sight

Trump to Pull Nomination of Pentagon Official Who Raised Concerns About Ukraine Aid Hold: Report

Trump Admin Claims 20 Still Undisclosed Ukraine Emails Are Exempt from FOIA Requests

‘The Plot to Destroy Justice’? Barr Confirms ‘Process’ for Receiving Giuliani’s Ukraine Dirt, Doesn’t Go Over Well

‘Blatant Double Standard’? Trump Admin Giving Highly Secretive Hunter Biden Financial Records to Senate GOP

Rand Paul Criticized for ‘Asinine’ and ‘Dangerous’ Stunt Naming Alleged Whistleblower in Senate

Ukraine Exposes Truth About Iran’s Shoot-down of Passenger Plane

OMB Withholding 24 Emails Directly Related to ‘Presidential Decision-Making’ on Ukraine Military Aid

Opinion: Donald Trump Should Not Be Tried … He May Not Be Mentally Competent

Latest Parnas Docs Made Clear That Investigations of Rep. Nunes Are Necessary: Legal Experts

Dems Ask AG Barr, FBI Director Wray to Deny Senate Access to Alexandra Chalupa’s Records

Lawyers React to Watchdog’s Finding on Ukraine Aid Hold: ‘Rather Obvious from Constitutional Perspective’

Trump Broke the Law by Withholding Military Aid to Ukraine: Gov’t Accountability Office

In ‘Abuse of FOIA Process,’ White House Blocked Release of Court-Ordered Ukraine Emails

‘Somebody Should Go to the Slammer for This’: Legal Experts Shocked and Appalled by DOJ’s Ukraine Redactions

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