Why ‘No Quid Pro Quo’ is Not a Defense Against Trump-Ukraine Allegations

Former Federal Prosecutors Call for Giuliani to Be Disbarred, Possibly Indicted

Legal Experts Respond to ‘Sordid’ Trump-Ukraine News: If You Won’t Impeach Now, When?

Trump and Giuliani ‘Repeatedly’ Pressured Ukraine to Investigate Joe Biden’s Son: Report

House Intel Chairman: ‘Serious’ Whistleblower Complaint Involves ‘Something More Sinister’

House Dems Investigating Trump, Giuliani’s Efforts to ‘Pressure’ Ukraine for Election Assistance

Rudy Giuliani Astonishes Legal Experts with Remarks on Ukraine-DNC Collusion Investigation

Here’s the U.S. Law Paul Manafort Broke if Reports of Foreign Lobbying are True

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