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Rep. Scalise Criticized for Telling a ‘Stunning Lie’ About DOJ Inspector General’s Findings

Significant Supreme Court Decision on Trump’s Tax Returns Could Come Down Sooner Than Expected

Law Professor Debunks ‘Ludicrous’ Idea That Impeachment Would ‘Overturn’ 2016 Election

Constitutional Law Professors Annihilate Fox News’ Dan Bongino For ‘Asinine’ Impeachment Argument

NatSec Legal Expert: OLC Reasoning for Withholding Whistleblower Complaint Was ‘Remarkably Thin’

Impeachment Expert on Pelosi Strategy: ‘I Couldn’t Have Designed a Weaker Process if I Tried’

Legal Expert: Fellow Court Took Fifth Circuit ‘to the Woodshed’ Over Ruling in Case of Transgender Inmate

Alan Dershowitz Responds to Legal Experts Who Criticized His Impeachment Argument (UPDATE)

SCOTUS Puts Mystery Mueller Opponent Back in Contempt — Experts Suggest This Is a ‘Strong Signal’

President Trump is Legally Barred from Appointing His Family Members

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