Two Republicans Are Openly Downplaying Russian Election Interference After July 4 Trip to Moscow

Trump Claimed He Just Won DNC Lawsuit Accusing Him of Collusion. This Is What Actually Happened.

Ivanka Trump Reportedly Told Cohen to Contact Russian Olympian Who Wanted Trump-Putin Meeting

The Russians Try to Call Mueller’s Bluff, File Request to View Secret Grand Jury Info

CNN’s Cuomo Grills Jill Stein About Withholding Russia Docs; She Responds by Complaining About U.S.

Who Russian Operative Guccifer 2.0 Followed Highlights the Danger of American Politics

“You Can’t Represent Him Without Being Complicit”: People Are Begging Respected Lawyer Ted Olson to Reject Trump

Just Some of the Reasons Trump Hired New Lawyer, Joseph diGenova

Mueller Indicted the First American For Directly Helping the Russians…and He Pleaded Guilty

Despite Insisting FISA Warrant Based Solely on Dossier, Carter Page Admits He Has ‘No Idea’ What’s in It

Carter Page Surveillance is Hardly a Smoking Gun in the Anti-Trump DOJ Conspiracy Theory

Trump Needs That Interview Far More Than Mueller

Harvard Law Prof: Obstruction Alone Won’t Be Enough to Remove Trump from Office

Top Dem Party Donor Thanks Kushner For Telling Flynn To Intervene With Russia

Don Jr. Should Be Sweating as Russian Lawyer Offers to Talk

Does Carter Page Even Have a Lawyer? Because This MSNBC Interview is a Legal Mess

Accused Leaker Reality Winner Admitted Smuggling NSA Doc in Pantyhose

Roger Stone Says Paul Manafort Will Likely Be Indicted

Michael Flynn Begs For Legal Defense Donations Online

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Set to Meet with Senate Behind Closed Doors, Report Says

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