Cops: Mom Brutally Beats 71-Year-Old Woman After She Scolded Her Child for Bad Manners

NYPD: No Evidence of Vandalism at Largely Jewish Cemetery

Police Investigating After Video Showed Officer Using Taser on Pregnant Teen

WATCH: Out of Control ‘Professor’ Screams at Cops for Keeping Mob Away From ‘Nazi’ Gavin McInnes

WATCH: Employees Fight Back to Thwart Attempted Armed Robbery

Police Captain Says He’s Only Worried About ‘True Stranger Rapes’

Brazen Trio Accused of Stealing $6 Million With 7,000 NYC Cops Stationed Nearby

Record 7,000 Police Officers Will Patrol Times Square NYE Celebration

Trump Tower Evacuation Sparks Twitter Battle of the Press Secretaries: Trump’s vs. De Blasio’s

Police Accused of Raiding Wrong House, Snapchatting Family

WATCH: NYPD Cop Accused of Literally Rolling Dice to Determine Suspect’s Fate

Teen Accused of Insane NYC Skyscraper Climbing Stunt Surrenders to Police (Video)

WATCH: Man Walks Off With Bucket of Gold Worth $1.6 Million, Police Say

Eric Garner’s Daughter Blasts Clinton Campaign After Hacked Emails Talked About ‘Using’ Her Dad

NYC to Pay $4.1 Million to Family of Akai Gurley, Shot and Killed by Police While Unarmed

Alleged Thief Posted Shirtless Selfie to Victim’s iCloud

Cop Facing Discipline After Caught on Video Accosting Bystander

Police Commissioner Calls Rappers ‘Thugs’ Who ‘Basically Celebrate Violence’

VIDEO: Cop Points Gun and Apparently Sucker Punches Man Trying to Film Arrest

Cops: Suspects Screamed ‘ISIS, ISIS’ During Possible Hate Crime

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