Lisa Bloom

New Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Says He Threatened to ‘Hunt’ Her Down, ‘Burn’ Her

Rose McGowan Is Trying to Take Down Prominent Liberal Attorneys for Representing Harvey Weinstein

Bill O’Reilly Quietly Torpedoed His $5 Million Threat Against Man Who Called Out His Fox News Behavior

Black People Hate Trump, So Only They Should Be Allowed to Vote, Says Lisa Bloom

Navy Walks Back Termination of LGBTQ Speaker Who Criticized Trump on Twitter

Lisa Bloom Thinks Michael Cohen Is Putting His Family and Country First to ‘Make Trump Grovel’

‘Bring It On’: Lisa Bloom Defiant After Steve Wynn Sues Her for Defamation

David Brock Group Gave Lisa Bloom $200,000 to Support Potential Trump Sexual Misconduct Case, Report Says

Lisa Bloom Admits Book Deal ‘Clouded Her Judgment’ with Weinstein

Gore Lawyer David Boies Implicated in Insane, Ornate Plot to Discredit Weinstein Accusers

If This is True, Lisa Bloom Lied to My Face About Her Representation of Harvey Weinstein

‘Scam Artist’: Tucker Carlson Rips Into Lisa Bloom Amid Kathy Griffin Feud

Sure Looks Like Lisa Bloom Broke Attorney-Client Privilege to Trash Kathy Griffin

Lisa Bloom and Client Kathy Griffin Slam Each Other After Falling Out

Lisa Bloom Was Made Aware of Weinstein Allegations At Height of 2016 Election

High-Profile Victim Advocates Can’t Play Both Sides

Lisa Bloom Says There’s a ‘Rift’ Between Her and Mom Gloria Allred After Weinstein Debacle

Feminist Attorney Lisa Bloom Drops Another Studio Exec Accused of Sexual Harassment

What About The Attorneys Who May Have Helped Enable Harvey Weinstein All These Years?

Lisa Bloom Denies Report She Wanted to Undermine Weinstein’s Alleged Victims with Photos

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