Gloria Allred

New Criminal Charges Against Weinstein Likely the Result of Sopranos Actress’ Testimony

12 Women File New Lawsuit Against USC and Gynecologist, Alleging Disturbing Sexual Abuse

Gloria Allred Adds Another Cheerleader to the Houston Texans Lawsuit over Low Pay

Gloria Allred Suddenly Withdraws from Summer Zervos Lawsuit Against Trump

Moore Accuser Beverly Nelson Has Solid Defamation Case Against Fox News and Breitbart

In Court, Trump’s Attorney Claims Accuser Summer Zervos Was Tool to Elect Clinton

Gloria Allred Battles CNN Host Over Why She Won’t Have Roy Moore Signature Authenticated

In Bizarre Exchange, Gloria Allred Won’t Say if Roy Moore Yearbook Signature is Fake

Roy Moore Signed Accuser’s High School Yearbook… And It’s Creepy

New Accuser Says Roy Moore Squeezed Her Neck As He Sexually Assaulted Her

New Roy Moore Sex Assault Accuser Holds Press Conference

Actress Claims Harvey Weinstein Banged on Her Hotel Room Door, Raped Her

Woman Says Harvey Weinstein Forcibly Performed Oral Sex on Her During Her Period

Lisa Bloom Says There’s a ‘Rift’ Between Her and Mom Gloria Allred After Weinstein Debacle

If This Bill Had Passed Earlier, OJ Simpson Probably Wouldn’t Be Released on Parole

MUST WATCH: ‘Trump’ Interviews High-Profile Attorneys to Represent Him in Hilarious TV Segment

Gloria Allred Ejected, Reporter Banned from Cosby Trial for Violating Judge’s Cell Phone Rules

EXCLUSIVE: TV Client Sues Celebrity Attorney Gloria Allred for Fraud, Legal Malpractice

Gloria Allred Slaps Back, Claims Misconduct Allegation Is Cash Shakedown

EXCLUSIVE: High Profile Lawyer Gloria Allred Under State Bar Investigation for Possible Misconduct

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