Fotis Dulos

Lawyer for Jennifer Dulos’ Mom Wants Default Judgment After Fotis Dulos No-Shows Deposition

‘Gone Girl’ Author Responds to Theory That Jennifer Dulos Staged Her Own Disappearance

In First Sit-Down Interview Since Jennifer Dulos Disappeared, Fotis Dulos Says He’s ‘Worried’ About Her

Fotis Dulos Defense Is Going Full Steam Ahead on ‘Revenge Suicide’ Theory

Legal Expert: Fotis Dulos Defense’s ‘Gone Girl’ Theory Has Glaring Weakness

Theory from Fotis Dulos’ Attorney Is Literally Out of a Novel

Two Years Ago Today, Jennifer Dulos Said Estranged Husband Had ‘Revenge Fantasies’

Fotis Dulos’s Lawyers Want His Stuff Back So They Can Build a Defense

Fotis Dulos’s Employee Drove Black Ford Raptor the Day Jennifer Dulos Disappeared: Report

Prosecutors Say New DNA Evidence Links Fotis Dulos to Jennifer Dulos’s Disappearance

Connecticut Police Return to Trash Facility in Search for Missing Mom of Five, Jennifer Dulos

Fotis Dulos Hires Alex Jones Lawyer to Represent Him Amid Jennifer Dulos Disappearance

Michelle Troconis’s Meeting with Police Could ‘Potentially Sink’ Fotis Dulos

Mother of Missing Woman Jennifer Dulos Files for Custody of Five Grandchildren

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