Former NFL TE Kellen Winslow II Found Guilty of Rape, But Deliberations Continue on 8 Counts

Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow II was found guilty of a count of rape in the case of Jane Doe #2, guilty of a count of indecent exposure in the case of Jane Doe #3, guilty of a count of lewd conduct in the case of Jane Doe #5, and not guilty in a count of lewd conduct in the case of Doe 5. Respectively, these were counts 4, 6, 9, and 10. Jurors said they were deadlocked on the eight other counts. Deliberations are set to continue into Tuesday.

Prosecutors pressed charges for alleged incidents dating back to 2003. Winslow raped three women, and committed lewd actions against two others, authorities claimed. Winslow’s defense attempted to impugn the credibility and recollections of the alleged victims. They said there was no rapes, just consensual sex; they said the other incidents didn’t happen.

  • Jane Doe #1, 54:She said she was hitchhiking when Winslow picked her up and raped her. The woman said she was a transient at the time. She was the defendant who mistook Winslow’s defense lawyer Brian Watkins for the defendant in a 2018 preliminary hearing. Her daughter testified at trial to corroborate her mother’s story.
  • Jane Doe #2, 58: A homeless woman said that Winslow–who she previously knew–invited her for some coffee, but he pulled over on the side of the road and raped her.

  • Jane Doe #3, 57:She said that the defendant exposed himself while she was cutting flowers in her yard, but she didn’t look at his face, just his tattoos.
  • Jane Doe #4, now 33:She said she was 17 when she blacked out during a night of partying. The next thing she remembered, she found herself being raped by Winslow (then age 19). He was also allegedly shoving her face into the crotch of another man.

Winslow did not testify.

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