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OnlyFans model accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death is sued by dead man’s father for negligence


Courtney Clenney appears in an August 2022 mugshot. (Miami Police Department)

The Miami OnlyFans model accused of murder faces a new legal difficulty after the father of the man she allegedly killed sued her for negligence under Florida’s wrongful death law.

Courtney Clenney, 26, known online as Courtney Tailor, stands accused of murder in the second degree over the stabbing death of her then-boyfriend, Christian Tobechukwu “Toby” Obumseli, 27, a cryptocurrency trader. The two lived together in a posh apartment. Clenney has maintained she stabbed Obumseli in self-defense.

The dead man’s father, Chio Obumseli, filed the lawsuit in Miami-Dade County court, also listing the owners of the high-rise building where the stabbing occurred, two property management companies, and the building’s security company as named defendants.

“At all material times, Courtney Clenney owed a duty to decedent Christian Obumseli to maintain the subject premises in a safe and danger-free manner,” the lawsuit states. “Courtney Clenney breached her duty to exercise reasonable care for the safety and protection of Christian Obumseli, deceased, and acted in a careless and negligent manner.”

The filing is light on facts and largely uses boilerplate legalese from negligence law that alleges a series of 12 distinct security failures and additional such failures attributed to negligence that are “not yet discovered.” Each of those alleged failures – and theorized failures – is attributed to each defendant.

“Courtney Clenney created and/or allowed to be created said dangerous conditions. Further, Courtney Clenney failed to warn subject building’s residents, invitees, and the public, including Christian Obumseli, deceased, of the existence of said dangerous conditions,” the lawsuit continues. “The negligence of Courtney Clenney proximately caused injury to Christian Obumseli, deceased, and directly led to his criminal attack.”

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More specifically, the lawsuit alleges that the replete negligent security failures amounted to an “inadequate and/or nonexistent” visible or physical “deterrence to prevent” Obumseli’s assault.

“Criminals could carry out physical assaults within subject building without fear of being caught, discovered, or prosecuted,” the lawsuit claims. “An atmosphere was created at subject building that facilitated the commission of crimes against persons.”

Obumseli’s father is suing on behalf of his son’s estate and seeking damages over $50,000, including pain and suffering, past and future loss of support and services, medical care and funeral arrangement expenses, the deceased’s prospective net accumulations, and the deceased’s inheritable estate.

Clenney has been in pre-trial detention since August 2022, when she was arrested and charged with Obumseli’s murder over the stabbing that occurred in April of that year.

Judge Laura Shearon Cruz denied the defendant bail after a November 2022 bond hearing.

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Prosecutors have alleged in previous court filings that Clenney netted more than $3 million from OnlyFans between 2020 and last August. More recently, the state claimed she had made $900,000 in 2020 and more than $1.8 million in 2021.

The defendant’s father, however, has testified that her net worth was considerably lower. Kim Clenney previously told Judge Cruz that his daughter has about $11,000 to her name currently, along with $375,000 in equity in her house.

The court disagreed, finding her a flight risk and opining that the Texas-born model “has no ties to Florida and ample means to leave the country were she to choose to do so. The Defendant has substantial funds at her disposal and the ability to make more outside of the jurisdiction of the United States.”

A trial date has yet to be set.

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