Health Care Provider Says GEICO Alleged Fraudulent Billing without Proof, Engaged in ‘Systematic Fraud’

Larry Klayman Files $20 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Against China for ‘Creation and Release’ of COVID-19

New Hampshire Residents’ Lawsuit Claims Ban on Gatherings of 50-Plus Is Unconstitutional

Lawsuit Accuses Norwegian Cruise Line of Lying About Impact of Coronavirus

Alan Dershowitz Is ‘Thinking of Suing CNN’ for Allegedly ‘Doctoring’ Video of His Impeachment Arguments

Trump Campaign Lawsuit Spree Continues with Defamation Case Against CNN

19 State Attorneys General Accuse Trump Admin of ‘Unlawful and Unconstitutional Scheme’ to Build Border Wall

Devin Nunes Files Yet Another Lawsuit, Accuses Washington Post of Weaponizing Its ‘Mighty Pen’

Lawsuit: Trump Admin Using Coronavirus as Political Weapon to Punish California and ‘Reward’ Red States

House Uses Trump Impeachment Legal Team’s Arguments in Filing Seeking His Tax Returns

DOJ Escalates Fight Against Sanctuary Laws with New Lawsuits Against States

Trump Administration Gets a Legal Victory in Presidential Recordkeeping Lawsuit

Amazon Is Trying to Get Trump to Testify Under Oath About $10 Billion Pentagon Contract

Twitter Demands Attorney’s Fees from Nunes’ Lawyer for Trying to Unmask @DevinCow Through Unrelated Lawsuit

Trump Responds to Rape Accuser’s ‘Burdensome’ DNA Request by Asking Court to Delay Lawsuit

Prosecutors Who Used Fake Subpoenas to Coerce Victims to Testify Seek Legal Immunity

Trump Lawyer’s Defense: The President Wasn’t Calling Stormy Daniels a Liar, He Was ‘Calling B.S.’

Cranky Federal Judge to DOJ Lawyer: Do You Have Trouble Answering Questions in General or Just Here?

Roy Moore Sues Conservative Media Outlet for Reporting on Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Mom Threatens Lawsuit Over Steve King’s Use of ‘Success Kid’ Meme

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