Law Student Files Nonsensical Lawsuit Against Facebook for Removing Posts Naming Alleged Whistleblower

Lawsuit Claims the State Department Engaged in Illegal ‘Shadow Diplomacy’ in Ukraine

The Sackler Family, Purdue Pharma Reach Tentative Multi-Billion Settlement of Opioid Lawsuits

‘Malicious and Sadistic Beating’: Lawsuit Claims Disabled Female Inmate’s Neck Was Broken by 4 Male Guards

Potential Trump Lawsuit Against Lawrence O’Donnell Could ‘Backfire’ by Making Deutsche Bank Docs Part of Discovery

Sackler Family Offers to Settle More Than 2,000 Opioid Lawsuits for $10-12 Billion: Report

Trump Claims Doral Bedbugs Are ‘Nasty Rumor’ Despite 2017 Legal Settlement Over Bedbugs

Judge Calls Opioid Crisis a ‘Menace’ to Society, Orders Johnson & Johnson to Pay $572 Million

Devin Nunes’s Attorney: ‘How Do We Know [Devin Nunes’] Cow and Mom Aren’t in Henrico?’

“Alexander Hamilton” Wins Lawsuit Against New Jersey Clerk (And, Yes, It’s 2019)

Pelosi: Dems Will File Lawsuit to Force Fmr. White House Counsel McGahn’s Testimony

Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Sues, Wants His Job Back (And Money, Too)

President Trump Sues California Over Law Requiring Candidates to Disclose Tax Returns

Woman On Maternity Leave Sends Memo Alleging Google Discriminated Against Her

Devin Nunes Alleges ‘Fake Farmer’ Conspiracy Against Campaign

Former Fox Business Guest Commentator Files $118 Million Defamation Lawsuit

‘Trump Had No Choice’: Latest Trump Lawsuit Blasts Democrats Seeking Access to His Tax Returns

In a Bizarre Twist, Alex Jones Could Be Going to Connecticut Supreme Court

Trump-Appointed Judge to Preside Over House Democrats’ Tax Return Lawsuit

GOP State Senator’s Defamation Lawsuit Thrown Out Due to Public Speech Law He Voted For

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