Trump DOJ Files Lawsuit Against Omarosa Manigault Newman Seeking Up to $50,000

Women’s Sex Toy Company Sues MTA For ‘Sexist’ Ad Ban

‘Not a Difficult Case’: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Construction of Barack Obama Presidential Center

Lawsuit: Drug Companies Engaged in ‘Broad Conspiracy’ to ‘Artificially Inflate’ Prices

Justice Department Argues Congress Lacks Authority to Sue the President. Period.

‘Political Retribution’: California Claims Trump Admin Is Retaliating Over Opposition to Border Wall

‘I’ve Never Witnessed Such Egregious Violations’: Omarosa Wants to Join Discrimination Suit Against Trump

City of San Francisco: Trump Admin’s New ‘Conscience Rule’ Should Be Declared Unconstitutional

Parents Suing Elite Prep School for Expelling Son Who Refused to ‘Buy into Liberal Indoctrination’

GOP Sen. David Perdue Sued for Battery After Student Cell Phone Incident

Lawsuit: DOJ Needs to Stop Denying Federal Inmates Attorney-Client Privileged Email

Lawsuit Blasts Judge for Jailing Poor People Who Can’t Afford Court Fees

Subpoena for Anonymous Messaging App Records Could Out ‘Unite the Right’ Organizers

Police Accused of Using Fake Social Media Account to Spy On Black Community Activists

Lawsuit: Immigrant Boy Almost Jumped Out of a Window After Being Separated From His Family

Even States that Went to Trump in 2016 Are Suing His Administration Over Family Separation Policy

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Is Suing His Own Children and Business Manager for Alleged Serious Breach of Trust

Workers Sue After 3 Black Dolls Hung at Construction Site (Video)

Gloria Allred Adds Another Cheerleader to the Houston Texans Lawsuit over Low Pay

Lawsuit Claims Family Seeking Asylum Did Everything They Were Supposed to, Were Separated Anyway

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