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‘A very, very…evil, evil thing’: Man and pregnant woman allegedly locked up a teenage girl and raped her for weeks – the defendant’s baby was born roughly halfway through

Jose Reyes (L) and Jaqueline Macias (R)

Jose Reyes, on the left, and Jaqueline Macias, on the right, appear inset against a home in the Houston suburbs in July 2023. (Harris County Constable; Screengrab via KHOU)

An 18-year-old girl in Texas was chained to a bed and repeatedly raped by a man and a woman over the course of several weeks before eventually escaping her captors, authorities say.

Jose Pedro Reyes Jr., 31, and Jaqueline Macias, 29, stand accused of one count each of aggravated kidnapping, according to Harris County Jail records reviewed by Law&Crime. Authorities in the Lone Star State say they anticipate filing additional charges.

The harrowing 911 call came on Sunday night.

According to the Harris County Constable Precinct 4, a neighbor in the suburban Foxwood subdivision saw a teenage girl running from house to house on Foxmont Lane in Humble.

She was clearly in distress.

“Our deputies got on the scene and, within a few minutes, was able to ascertain this 18-year-old female had been held captive for approximately this past month, in a house in the neighborhood,” Constable Mark Herman said during a press conference on Monday afternoon. “She had recently just escaped from that house. Responding deputies did observe marks on her hands and legs, which would indicate restraints. We immediately summoned EMS for this female. During the process of EMS getting to the scene, deputies were able to get information as to what house she was being held at.”

The defendant couple later arrived at the residence in question and they were immediately arrested, Herman said.

Law enforcement believes Reyes met the teenager somewhere, was able “to gain her confidence” and somehow got her to go back to the house “willingly.” At some point, Herman said, the 18-year-old was “accosted,” tied up, and constrained in a room for some 30 days – possibly even longer.

“It seems like this guy gained her trust, got her to the location, and then made her a captive,” the constable summarized.

The details of what all the Houston-area girl endured are still preliminary, authorities say, and culled from initial intake interviews with the victim. Additional details in the case are largely dependent on a more in-depth interview and medical testing, Herman said.

But what law enforcement says they do know about what the teenager went through in northwest Harris County is shocking and disturbing.

“At some point after they basically began holding her against her will, they began sexually assaulting her, and other things,” Herman said during the press conference. “Just a very, very…evil, evil thing.”

The defendants are alleged to have left the house, but only briefly, late Sunday night – and the woman seized the opportunity.

“She knew they both had left and knew that was her time,” Herman said in comments reported by local CBS affiliate KHOU and CBS News. “She did everything in all her fibers to get out of her restraints, get out the door.”

After the couple were arrested, the teenager was taken to a nearby hospital to deal with her injuries and perform tests, law enforcement said. Her current condition is not a matter of public knowledge.

The pair appeared in court on Monday. A judge set Reyes’ bond at $100,000; Macias’ bond was set at $50,000.

Jail records show that Reyes is due back in court on Sept. 13; Macias’ next court date is slated for Sept. 26.

During the bond hearing on Monday, it was revealed that Macias and Reyes are the parents of an infant, local ABC affiliate KTRK reported. The child was born while the teenager was held captive.

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