Police Say Pa. Woman, 25, Kidnapped 2-Year-Old Nalani Johnson — Here’s What We Know

‘Impossible to Comprehend’: Cop Allegedly Urinated on 12-Year-Old Girl, Tried to Kidnap Her

Registered Sex Offender Kidnapped 7-Month-Old Daughter, Assaulted Mother, Cops Say

Gloria Williams Explains Why She Stole Baby Kamiyah Mobley from Hospital (WATCH)

A Hospital Let Tribal Police Walk Out with Newborn — Now the Parents Want Answers

‘He Stole My Kids!’: Father, Good Samaritan Went on Car Chase to Save Kidnapped Children, Police Say

3 Texas Children Returned To Their Mother After Being Kidnapped On Camera

Ex-Pro Football Player Charged in Wife’s Murder, Allegedly Fed Cops False Story About Attackers

Man Gets Reward for Saving Kidnapped Girl, Gives $ to Her

WATCH: Zachary Adams Faces Death Penalty Phase in Holly Bobo Murder

Woman Says She Escaped Kidnappers by Jumping Out Moving Car

Woman Admits in Court That She and About 30 Others Beat Gay Church Member

Fugitive, Accused of Carving ‘Snitch’ into Teen, Has Been Recaptured

Kidnapping Suspect’s Mugshot Shows Her with Literally Black Eyes

Mom Gets 5 Years for Kidnapping Teen, Claims it was ‘To Teach Her Daughter a Lesson’

Woman Found Alive After Violent Kidnapping by Estranged Husband, Sheriff Says

Cops Say Teenage Girls Killed in Indiana Managed to Get Recording of Killer’s Voice

‘Give Me the Baby’: Man Tried to Steal Toddler from Carriage, Police Say

Mom Pleads Not Guilty to Abducting Kids From Dad in 1985

Police Announce Kidnapped Baby Found Alive 18-Years Later (Video)

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