sexual assault

Sexual Assault Remains Rampant in U.S. Armed Forces, Department of Defense Confirms

Lawyer: Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Minor at His Own Wedding Is Innocent Because His Wife’s Still With Him

5 Most Ridiculous Comments Made By Judge John ‘Close Your Legs?’ Russo

Left-Wing Legal Groups Blast Trump’s Kavanaugh Replacement for ‘Blaming Sexual Assault on Survivors’ Just Ahead of Hearings

GOP State Rep Accused of Drugging and Sexually Assaulting Woman After Offering Her a Ride Home

Police Arrest Male Nurse After Incapacitated Woman in Health Care Facility Gives Birth

Texas Woman Allegedly Pretended to Be Her Own Fake Autistic Twin Sister In Order to Sexually Assault Caretaker

It’s Been 25 Years Since the Lorena Bobbitt Case, And We’re Still Getting It Wrong

Sexual Assault Case Dropped After Prosecutor Allegedly Shows Up Drunk is Now a Resource for Sexual Assault Survivors

Christian School Teacher Arrested for Alleged ‘Sexual Contact’ with Female Student

Trump Court Brief Suggests the President May Subpoena 21 Women Who Have Accused Him of Sexual Assault

If the Allegations Are True, Could Brett Kavanaugh Face Criminal Charges? Maybe.

Sex Assault Accusation Against GOP Primary Winner Who Owns Brothel Revealed in Newly Released Report

Fmr. Student Gets Only 3 Years for 3 Sexual Assaults, Despite State Evoking Brock Turner

Deputy Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Child, Threatened Mother With Deportation if She Said Anything

Woman Files Lawsuit Claiming Prison Guard and Counselor Sexually Assaulted Her

Woman Forced to Perform Oral Sex on Menstruating Woman at Chris Brown’s House, Lawsuit Says

Russell Simmons Sexual Assault Lawsuit Dismissed

GOP Governor Claims Teacher Strikes Lead to Child Sexual Assault

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