sexual assault

‘Impossible’: Stallone’s Ex Brigitte Nielsen Says Sex Assault Story is Fake

Trump Campaign Created Own Rules on Sexual Harassment

Professional Feminists Will Always Defend Liberals Accused Of Sexual Assault

‘I Will F*ck Your Ass Up’; Drake Threatens Man Allegedly Groping Women At Show

Sorry, Rose McGowan, No One’s Trying to ‘Silence You.’

Roy Moore Signed Accuser’s High School Yearbook… And It’s Creepy

New Roy Moore Sex Assault Accuser Holds Press Conference

George Takei Said Russian Bots Are Pushing Stories About Assault Allegation Against Him

This Video Of Joe Biden Getting Way Too Close To Young Girls Is Disturbing (WATCH)

Producer Denies ‘ER’ Actor’s Molestation Claim

Alabama Republican Defends Roy Moore: ‘Mary Was a Teenager and Joseph Was an Adult’

Alleged Weinstein Operative Accused of Impersonating Attorney to Obtain Victim’s Medical Records

Activist Rubs Breasts On Man’s Face to Raise Awareness About Sexual Harassment (VIDEO)

Kevin Spacey Shoved Hand Down Pants of Ex-House of Cards Production Assistant, Report Says

Sorry, Rose McGowan, No One’s Trying to ‘Silence You.’

Judge Said ‘Overweight’ Teen Victim of Sexual Assault Liked Attention from Perpetrator

George H.W. Bush’s Alleged Groping Was Bad. His Publicist’s Response is Beyond Disturbing.

Actress Claims Harvey Weinstein Banged on Her Hotel Room Door, Raped Her

President George H.W. Bush Accused Of Sexual Assault And Harassment By Actress Heather Lind

Mom Found Video on Tablet of Man Raping Her 7-Year-Old Daughter, Cops Say

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