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Texas Official Will Not Be Punished For Referring To Residents Using The N-Word

Texas Sheriff Going After Pickup Truck Owner With ‘F**k’ Trump Bumpersticker

Texas Church Shooter Should Not Have Been Allowed to Buy Guns

Church Mass Shooting: What Are Texas Gun Laws?

Mass Shooting in Texas Church Leaves At Least 27 Dead, Report Says

Actor Lou Diamond Phillips Charged With DWI In Texas

Texas Homecoming Queen Kicks Game-Winning Field Goal (VIDEO)

To Get Hurricane Relief Funds, Residents Must Promise Texas City Not to Boycott Israel

Computer Thief Can’t Unlock Laptop, Asks Owner for Password, Cops Say

Judge Refuses Trump Request On Voter Fraud Info

Texas Police Can Now Be Imprisoned For Not Honoring ICE Detainer Requests

Texas Man Turns Himself In For A Murder That Was Committed In 1962

DMV Says No to District Attorney’s ‘Hang Em’ License Plate

State Sues Gas Station for Allegedly Charging $10/Gallon After Hurricane

Insane Video of Arrested Woman Ditching Handcuffs, Taking Off in Cop Car (WATCH)

Texas Has Had It Up To Here With Harvey-Related Price Gouging

Texas Immigration Law Smacked Down For Violating Rights of Cops

Texas Ban on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Temporarily Blocked by Judge

OUTRAGE: Political Activist Linda Sarsour Under Fire For Allegedly Directing Harvey Funds Toward PAC

Insurance Lobby Bought Off Texas Politicians Just In Time To Reap A Harvey Windfall

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