Trump Says ‘I’ll Take a Look’ When Asked About a Potential Pardon for Joe Exotic

Teenager and Accomplice Allegedly Shot and Killed His Girlfriend’s Parents in ‘Brutal Execution’

Murder-Suicide Occurred After Man Feared He and Woman Had COVID-19 (Autopsies Proved They Didn’t): Deputies

Naturally, Suspect Hands Off Baby to Woman in the Middle of a Police Chase (VIDEO)

3 People Charged with Kidnapping, Murdering Woman Who Had Cognitive Disability

18-Year-Old Claimed to Have Coronavirus, Said She Was Spreading It on Purpose: Cops

Parents Charged After Two Children, and a Niece Swept Away in Floodwaters

Woman Charged with Manslaughter After Allegedly Hitting Elderly Patient Who Wasn’t Social Distancing

Deputy Suspended for Having ‘Personal Relationship’ with Murder Defendant: Officials

Two Men Claimed to Have COVID-19, Then Stole Two Cases of Corona Beer: Police

Leaked Affidavit Reportedly Reveals Where Gannon Stauch Was Killed

Husband Arrested for Alleged Murder, Kidnapping of Missing Wife Gretchen Anthony

Defendant in Newly Solved 1985 Murder Case Found Dead in Apparent Suicide, Authorities Say

Man Coughed at Store Customers, Then Wrote ‘COVID’ on Inside of a Cooler Door: Cops

Florida Woman Allegedly Violated Stay-at-Home Order, Said She Expected Her COVID-19 Test to Be Positive

Detectives Say They Solved 1972 Cold Case Murder of 12-Year-Old Karen Lee Spencer

Engineer Derailed Train on Purpose, Said He Suspected Nearby Hospital Ship of Gov’t ‘Takeover’: DOJ

O.J. Simpson Just Accused Carole Baskin of Murdering Her Husband

Ex-Rabbi Who Secretly Filmed Women in Religious Bathhouse Gets Out of Jail Early on COVID-19 Fears

Sleepy Driver Crashes, Loses Cargo of Toilet Paper Near Dallas: Cops

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