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‘Neo-Confederate’ from South Korea Convicted of Falsely Claiming He Was U.S. Citizen to Get Firearms

Man Says Security Camera Caught Neighbors ‘Robbing Me Blind’

Mass Murder of Rhoden Family Reportedly Happened Months After a Suspect and Victim Broke Up

Gov. Demands County Commissioner Resign over ‘Master Race’ Comment to Black City Planner

Cops: White Dad and Son Dump Dead Deer on Somali Men’s Cars, Claim They ‘Needed to Get Rid of the Carcasses’

Tearful Anti-Trump Man Who Yelled ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’: ‘It Just Came Out Wrong’

Connecticut Man Allegedly Sought ‘Limitless Sex’ with Handcuffed Sixth-Grader in ‘Sex Dungeon’

N.J. Couple and Homeless Man Allegedly Made Up Heartwarming Story That Sparked Viral GoFundMe Campaign

Man Taken Out of Theater for Yelling ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’ During ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ Production

Woman Arrested After 44 Dead Dogs Found in Freezers Amid ‘Deplorable’ Conditions

Arizona Man Allegedly Used ‘Porn Company’ to Blackmail Former Date in Bizarre Sextortion Plot

Nikolas Cruz Allegedly Flipped Off and Assaulted Jail Guard Before Grabbing Stun Gun

Chris Watts’ Mom Shockingly Says Shanann Watts Was ‘More Capable’ of Killing the Kids (VIDEO)

White Man Gets 4-10 Years in Prison for Shooting at Black Teen Who Just Wanted Directions

Prosecutors Announce Arrests Years After 8 Members of the Rhoden Family Were Brutally Executed in Ohio

Prosecutors Investigating Alleged Brawl at Atlantic City Casino Involving Mayor, City Councilman

Texas Man Kills Himself After Hiring Marine to Kill Ex-Girlfriend Who Was ‘Dating a Black Guy’ (VIDEO)

School Considers Legal Action After Dozens of Students Appear to Give Nazi Salute in Prom Photo

‘Joe Exotic’ Killed Tigers to Make Room for Other Big Cats, Sold Lion Cub, Prosecutors Say

Hospital Says it Fired Ex-Cop Who Wore Confederate Flag Lynching Shirt to Mississippi Voting Poll

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