Woman Has Big Ol’ Smile After Allegedly Stabbing Husband to Death

Child Porn Suspect Sent Ex-Girlfriend Angry Texts Night Before She Disappeared: Prosecutors

Tissue Bank That Lied to Donors, Sewed Bodies Together ‘Like Frankenstein,’ and Had Cooler Full of Penises Loses Lawsuit

Man Who Kidnapped Jayme Closs, Killed Her Parents Got into Prison Fight (VIDEO)

Man Allegedly Posed as Non-Existent Handicapped Brother So He Could Get Adult Diaper Changed

‘It’s Sick’: Wife Says Husband Admitted to Murdering Missing Woman

3 Judges Suspended After 2 Drunkenly Fought with Men, Got Shot Outside White Castle: Ruling

Florida Woman Allegedly Bit Boyfriend’s Penis ‘Out of Frustration’

Pizza Delivery Guy Killed His 77-Year-Old Mother, Hid Body in Car: Prosecutors

After ‘Eating While Black’ Incident Went Viral, Transit Official Apologizes to Man Handcuffed for Eating a Sandwich

Missing Woman’s Apparent Boyfriend Has Been Charged in Child Porn Case

Restaurant Manager Gets a Decade in Prison for Enslaving Intellectually Disabled Black Man

White House Appears to Have Concocted Threat Against Marie Yovanovitch’s Safety

Not a Cop: Man Allegedly Detained Fleeing Driver at Gunpoint and Handcuffed Him, Say Real Police

Dem Mayor Faces Charges Amid Clash with Police Chief and Prosecutor

Trump’s Plan to Take Syrian Oil Slammed as ‘Clear Violation of International Law’ and ‘Imperial Looting’

Lawsuit: Adult Kickball Umpire Fired Over Call Involving Mayor and Police Chief

Woman Dubbed #SwingSetSusan Charged for Impersonating Police Officer

Hit ‘Em Up: A Man Named Tupac Shakur Was Arrested and Allegedly Tried to Fight Off the Cops

Trump Supporter Allegedly Sprayed Bear Repellent on Protesters (VIDEO)

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