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Man Allegedly Killed Deputy, Stole Cruiser, Robbed Store

Delta Airlines Tied Woman With Multiple Sclerosis to Wheelchair Using a Dirty Blanket, Family Says

A Deadly Affair: Wife Ambushes, Kills Husband’s Lover Before Turning the Gun on Herself

Louisiana Woman Allegedly Told Police She ‘Accidentally’ Raped a 12-Year-Old

Port Authority Commissioner and ‘Ready for Hillary’ Co-Chair Went Off When Cops Pulled Over Daughter (VIDEO)

Judge Calls ICE on Couple When They Showed Up to Get Married

Kris Kobach Court Filing Mistakenly Leaves in Note Saying Claim is ‘Probably Not Worth Arguing’

Golf Course Calls Cops on Black Women For Playing Too Slow (VIDEO)

Florida 18-Year-Old’s ‘If I Was Black’ Prom Proposal Sign Slammed as Racist

‘Congrats … Merit or Quota?’: Fmr Board of Ed Member Asks After Biracial Student’s Harvard Acceptance

DUI Suspect Allegedly Didn’t Care He Accidentally Pinned Woman Under His Truck

Words Cannot Describe This Alleged Groper Apparently Unfazed by Getting Tased (WATCH)

Detectives Go to Funeral Home So They Could Use Dead Man’s Finger to Unlock Phone

Suspected Waffle House Shooter Once Arrested for Being in Restricted Area Near White House, Secret Service Says

Black Man in MAGA Hat Threw Hispanic Victim onto Subway Tracks, Police Say

Judge Chewed Out Wheelchair-Bound Defendant Who Died Three Days Later (VIDEO)

School Assignment Asked Students to List ‘Positives’ of Slavery

Reason Behind Woman’s Unnerving Coffee Outburst on Delta Flight Still Up in the Air

Black Children Forced to Pose with Confederate Flag for Picture, Lawsuit Says

New Lawsuit Contains Proof Democratic National Committee Really Trusts Fox News After All

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