‘Meth-Gators’? Tennessee Police Issue Wild Warning About the Dangers of Flushing Drugs

‘I’m Sorry, Bianca’: Popular ‘E-Girl’ Allegedly Murdered by Man She Met on Instagram

Police Lieutenant Allegedly Killed His Ex-Wife, Injured Her Boyfriend While Kids Were in Home

‘Doomsday Preppers’ Charged in Physical, Sexual Abuse of 2 Victims in Their Care: Deputies

Apparent Murder Victim Hidden in Hotel Room for 3 Days, Police Say

Florida Mom Arrested Over Video of Daughter Licking Tongue Depressor Ordered to Stay Off Social Media

Convicted Sexual Abuser Brittany Zamora Tells Court She Was Teacher of the Year (AUDIO)

Man Previously Convicted of Murdering Son Decades Ago Now Charged with Killing Daughter

Ex-Teacher Brittany Zamora Learns Her Fate After Sexually Abusing 13-Year-Old Student

Lawyer for Jennifer Dulos’ Mom Wants Default Judgment After Fotis Dulos No-Shows Deposition

Former Deputy Arrested After Allegedly Framing Drivers for Drug Charges

Relatives of Murder Victim Beat Crap out of Man Who Admittedly Killed Her (VIDEO)

Radioactive Uranium, Timber Rattlesnake, Open Bottle of Whiskey Found During Routine Oklahoma Traffic Stop

NYPD Reportedly Let Epstein Skip Mandatory Check-Ins

Witness: Woman Upset DMV Line Was Moving Slow Pulled a Gun, Said the ‘President’s Security Was in Danger’

‘We’ve Gotta Give Props’: Missouri Arrest Was a Work of Fart

Mother Drove While Daughters Sat in Inflatable Pool on Car Roof, Cops Say

‘We Believe It’s a Copycat’: Second Person Arrested for Licking Blue Bell Ice Cream (WATCH)

West Virginia Woman Admits She Stabbed Husband to Death During Ninja-Foreplay

Man Allegedly Shot Sister at Housewarming Party Before Taking His Own Life — Here’s What We Know

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