‘Oh, That’s Classy’: Wife of County Commissioner Dumped Soda on Reporter’s Head, Police Say

Los Angeles Cop Allegedly Fondled a Dead Woman’s Breast While Alone in a Room

‘I See That You Read the Briefs Thoroughly’: Lawyer’s Sarcasm Gets Him Booted from Court

NY Judge Calls Criminal Justice Reforms ‘Stupid,’ Rolls His Eyes in Court

Florida Deputy Fired for Slamming Teen’s Face into the Ground During Arrest

Mom Accused of Raping 14-Year-Old Boy in Her Car After Adding Him on Snapchat

Deputy Allegedly Told Woman to ‘Lift Her Bra and Shake,’ Was Sexually Aroused During Another Search

Former Teacher Sentenced to 40 Years for Raping Students

Officer Cut His Mouth Biting into Deli Sandwich with Hidden Razor Blade in It: Cops

Allstate Lawyers Say Attorney Made Threats, Called Them ‘F***tards’ and Worse. He Says It Was a ‘Negotiating Tactic.’

Florida Man Wanted Four People Murdered, ‘Fed to Pigs or Alligators’: Deputies

FBI: Two Russian Nationals Sought in Widespread, Multi-Million Dollar Malware Scheme

Judge Allegedly Tried Getting Friend to Seduce Husband, and Later Join Threesome with Ex-Pastor

Man Allegedly Dumped Boy by Police Station Because He Thought Child Was Gay

Co-Defendant in Pike County Massacre Pleads Guilty, Says She Couldn’t Lie Anymore

‘Crime Pays’? Authorities Looking for This Man Featuring Big Ol’ Forehead Tattoo.

Teacher Who Ranted About ‘Illegal Students’ Wins Appeal to Get Job Back

Convenience Store Clerk Allegedly Staged Robbery with Boyfriend Hours Before Getting Engaged

Judge Approves Demolition of Home Where 5-Year-Old AJ Freund Was Allegedly Murdered

Man Convicted of Having Sex on Mattress Which Concealed Roommate’s Dead Body

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