Chilling New Footage Shows Shanann Watts Coming Home Shortly Before Her Husband Killed Her (VIDEO)

Louisiana Cops Arrest Mom for Posting Video on Social Media of ‘Criminal’ High School Fight

El Chapo Re-Trial in the Cards? Juror Reveals Troubling Disregard of Judge’s ‘Daily Admonitions’

NYPD Allegedly Allowed ‘Rabbi’ to Clean Up Blood at Shele Covlin Murder Scene

Ex-Boyfriend Is Person of Interest But Can’t Be Found After Woman Goes Missing on Valentine’s Day

Cops: Man Pulled a Gun on a Couple Wearing MAGA Hats, Said ‘It’s a Good Day for You to Die’

‘Thank God’ for Criminals: Inmates Break into Locked SUV to Save Baby (WATCH)

Anthony Weiner Released from Prison, But He’s Not Free Yet

Allegedly Intoxicated Police Chief Didn’t Know What Day it Was During Traffic Stop (VIDEO)

Man Posted Videos of Ex-Girlfriend on Porn Site Without Consent, Cops Say

Dog ‘Breeders of the Year’ Charged with Animal Cruelty

Florida Man Allegedly Posts Video of Himself in Dog Outfit Having Sex with Siberian Husky, Admits it All

‘They Come Every Night’: Pastor Complains that Prostitutes Work Behind Church, Leave Condoms Behind

Police in Maryland Warn About Mother Allegedly Trying to Find Her Son a Date

Cop Charged for Killing Colleague During Game of Russian Roulette Gets His Way, Judge Steps Aside

Trump Family, Foundation Have ‘Huge Get’ with New Addition to Legal Team in NY Lawsuit

‘Very Disappointing and Very Unbelievable’: Parents Outraged After Man Allegedly Projects Porn on Garage Door

Man Told Police He Needed to Be Punished for Murdering Girlfriend, Cops Say

This Man Charged with over 800 Counts of Sexually Abusing Child

Woman Gets Hit By Car While Walking with the Driver’s Boyfriend, Cops Say (VIDEO)

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