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‘I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry!’: Texas Police Under Fire After Stunning Autistic 19-Year-Old (VIDEO)

Alabama Officers Suspended Over Hate Symbol

Clueless Chicago Jury Totally Fouls Up Police Shooting Verdict

Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Teen Just After Being Sworn in Changed His Story

Cop of the Week: Anthony Mannino Saves Toddler from Traffic

Deputy Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Child, Threatened Mother With Deportation if She Said Anything

New Footage Shows Police Beating, Mocking Suspect; Chief Says There’s More to the Story (Video)

Cop Resigns After Being Recorded Calling Man ‘A Piece of Sh-t N—-r’

President Trump Just Offered a Suggestion to End NFL Anthem Controversy, But It Has One Critical Flaw

Chicago Police Defend Themselves After Arresting Innocent 10-Year-Old Who ‘Fit Description’

Officer Charged With Murder in Black Teen’s Death Allegedly Has History of Using His Taser to Punish Black Men

Trooper Pulls Over Retired Cop for Traffic Violation, Realizes That’s the Same Officer Who Delivered Him at Birth

Car Thief on LSD Thought He Was In Grand Theft Auto, Police Say

Insane Surveillance Footage Shows Four Cops Beating Cooperative Man Senseless

Officers in Violent Beach Arrest of 20-Year-Old Mother Will Not Face Criminal Charges (VIDEO)

‘Because it Was Wrong’: Male Officers Accuse Female Sheriff of Sexual Harassment Decades Later

Cops Apologize After Telling Roofied Woman to Return to the Bar Where She Was Drugged

Ring of Alleged Phony Officers Discovered by Real Cops

Cop of the Week: Gursoch Kaur Becomes First Turbaned Female Sikh Member of the NYPD

Jury Gives Grieving Family $5 in Wrongful Death Suit After Deputy Shot Their Son

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