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White Cop Kills Black Security Guard Who Heroically Ended Bar Shooting, Mistaking Him for Suspect

LAPD Assistant Chief Abruptly Retires After Sexual Misconduct Claims Surface

‘Welcome to the White Man’s World’: Cops Indicted for Alleged Force, Threats Against Latino Kids (VIDEO)

NYPD Cop Who Complained About Sergeant’s Dirty Panties Photographed Next to Same Sergeant with Fake Penis

CA Mayor Stops Asking Police Applicants About Sex Assaults

Cops Track Down Stolen Krispy Kreme Van, Get Loads of Donuts as Reward

NYPD Accused of Protecting Pro-Trump Street Gang Who Beat People While Screaming Anti-Gay Slurs

DOJ Opposing Agreement to Reform Chicago Police

California Cops Under Investigation for Singling Out Thousands of Innocent Latinos

Sex Worker Says Cop She Allegedly Stole From Was Just a ‘Trick’

Dallas Refuses to Release Amber Guyger’s 911 Call After Killing Botham Jean

An Appellate Court Just Said It’s Okay for Cops to Hide Video Evidence That Would Show Defendants’ Innocence

Accused Chicago Officer Decries ‘Bandwagon of Hatred’

Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Man Now Teaching Class on ‘Surviving the Aftermath’ of Shooting People

GOP Backs Away from Candidate Who Said ‘Hitler Was Right’

No Charges Against Minneapolis Cops in Fatal Shooting

Police Arrest Rookie Cops Who Allegedly Beat Hispanic Veteran

Seattle Chief Fires 2 Cops Who Fired at Fleeing Car

‘I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry!’: Texas Police Under Fire After Stunning Autistic 19-Year-Old (VIDEO)

Alabama Officers Suspended Over Hate Symbol

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