Vultures Are Pooping All Over Customs and Border Protection and They Can’t Do Their Jobs

Teacher Found Not Guilty After Feeding Puppy to Snapping Turtle as Students Watched

Michigan Village Elects Cat Named ‘Sweet Tart McKee’ as Next Mayor

Physicist Charged With Two Counts of Bestiality at MSU

Teacher Charged After Allegedly Feeding Puppy to Turtle in Front of Students

Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Groundhog Who Was Just Trying to Cross the Road

K-9 Trainer: If Illinois Legalizes Marijuana, We May Have to Kill Our Drug-Sniffing Dogs

Trump Admin Quietly Reverses Obama-Era Elephant Trophy Hunting Ban (Again) 

Giant Pig Causes Three Fatalities in Christmas Car Crash

Wisconsin Is Now Issuing Hunting Licenses To…Toddlers And Infants

Georgia Cops Rescue Small And Terrified Deer From Net (WATCH)

“Elephant Tranquilizer” Too Potent To Be Shown In Court, Judge Says

Trump Delays New Policy On Importing Elephant Parts

Authorities Consider Felony Charges After Pets Tied Up, Abandoned in Hurricane

Kitten Saved After Police Stop Traffic in Boston

Life In Prison For Woman Convicted Of Murder Witnessed By Parrot

Court: Cops Can Kill Your Dogs If You Don’t Have A License For Them

Vandal Goats Terrorize Business Owner (WATCH)

Man Shoots and Then Runs Over Bald Eagle For Eating Fish From His Pond

Lena Dunham Should Be Investigated For Animal Cruelty

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