Germany Fining Social Media Companies Who Fail to Take Down Hate Speech

Twitter Changes Mind, Removes Rosie O’Donnell’s Vulgar Tweet Against Ben Shapiro

O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Is Still Trolling the Goldmans, and It’s Raising Serious Ethical Concerns

Feminist Writer Closes Off Twitter After Saying She’s Cool with Sacrificing Innocent Men to Fight Sexual Misconduct

Trump Administration Claims Humans Are Number One Cause Of Climate Change

Twitter’s Lawyer Admits Hiding Tweets With ‘#DNCLeak’ And ‘#PodestaEmails’ Hashtags

Accusations Kushner Deleted His Tweets Today Are Fake News

Roger Stone Threatens Legal Action Against Twitter for Suspending Him

Trump’s DOJ Subpoenaed Twitter For Information On Legal And Privacy Bloggers

U.S. Military Snipes At Media For Reporting Civilian Casualties

GOP Attempts To Bribe Alaska Senator By Letting Her State Keep Obamacare

ICE Conducted Raids At a Brooklyn Courthouse Until The Media Got Involved

Alt-Right Commentator Flees United States After Being Outed On Internet

Louise Mensch Fires Her Lawyer Via Twitter After He Dissed Evan McMullin

OUTRAGE: Political Activist Linda Sarsour Under Fire For Allegedly Directing Harvey Funds Toward PAC

Twitter Shames Portland Police After Dept Tweets Photo of Kids In Riot Gear

In Move that Proves Democratic Party Lost Its Way, DNC Taunts Trump Over Border Wall

Seattle Police Department Throws Major Shade At Alex Jones

Plaintiffs Demand Trump Unblock Them on Twitter So They Can Criticize Him During Lawsuit

‘Darn Those Russians!’: Democratic Candidate Says Hacker Tweeted Out Porn

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