‘I Thank God Everyday Donald John Trump Is President’: FBI Arrests Neo-Nazi for Allegedly Threatening Hispanic Women

Man Arrested for Online Threats Against Bernie Sanders Rally

Cops Fired Over Social Media Post That Suggested Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Should Be Shot

FBI: Man Charged with Threatening ‘Liberal’ Lawmakers Said Black Lives Matter Should Be Investigated Instead

New Round of Threats Hits Jewish Centers Across the United States

Jewish Community Centers Nationwide Evacuated Due to Threats

Police Announce First Arrests Behind Terrifying ‘Klown’ Threats on Social Media

Judge to Vulgar Murder Suspect: ‘You Have a Constitutional Right to be a Dumbass’

State Rep. Threatened After He Plans AR-15 Giveaway as ‘Celebration of Second Amendment’

Man Must Pay Up After Posting Horrifying ‘Revenge Porn’ of His Ex

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