russia investigation

After Trump Said He Answered Mueller’s Questions ‘Very Easily,’ Giuliani Says It ‘Was a Nightmare’

Legal Experts: After Flynn Memo, Don’t Expect Mueller’s Russia Report Any Time Soon

Top 9 Highlights From Jerome Corsi’s Bonkers ‘Criminal Complaint’ Against Mueller

Alleged Russian Troll Farm Is Trying to Force Mueller to Reveal ‘Sensitive’ Information

Government Shutdown Could Be Serious Blow to Mueller Investigation

Mueller Gets More Judicial Support as Court Shoots Down Challenge in Russia Troll Farm Case

Giuliani Wrongly Claims Mueller Would Be Breaking Rules if Russia Probe Goes Into September

Giuliani Says Mueller Told Him When He Wants to Finish Russia Probe, and It’s Sooner Than You Might Think (WATCH)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Russia Probe Is ‘A Hoax and Waste of Time’ (WATCH)

These Paul Erickson Tapes Sound Like a Roadmap for Alleged Russian Operative Maria Butina

Charged Russian Maria Butina Reportedly Bragged She Helped Trump Campaign

Alleged Russian Operative Maria Butina Met with American Political Operatives in 2016

Rod Rosenstein’s Words About New Indictment Actually Raise Way More Questions

Hannity Denies He’s Telling Trump Precisely When to Fire Mueller, Rosenstein

Steele Dossier Wasn’t Basis for Russia Investigation, Senate Committee Says

Alleged Russian Troll Farm Slaps Robert Mueller with Demand to See ‘Largely Secret’ Rosenstein Memo

Details from McCabe Memo Provide the Ultimate Proof of Why Rosenstein Should Recuse Himself

Mitch McConnell Blocked Obama Plan to Further Warn of Russian Interference, New Book Says

‘Water Through Sieve’: Putin Spox Blasts Mueller’s Russia Investigation

FBI to Have Strzok and Page Preserve Records on Personal Devices as Part of FOIA Lawsuit

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