Rod Rosenstein

Rod Rosenstein Left Some Key Specifics Out of His Andrew McCabe Denial

Trump: Rosenstein ‘Told the Attorneys That I’m Not a Subject’ of Russia Probe

Is the Latest Rosenstein News Another Hint Mueller Will Submit His Russia Report in February?

Rosenstein May Be Leaving, But Will It Make Any Difference For Trump?

Rod Rosenstein Reportedly Stepping Down as Deputy Attorney General

Rod Rosenstein Throws Serious Shade at Trump AG Pick Over Mueller Memo

Rod Rosenstein Endorses Acting AG Matthew Whitaker as ‘Superb Choice’

Top House Republican Promises ‘Closed-Door’ Interrogation of Rod Rosenstein Will Be a Safe Space

In ‘Expansive’ Defense of the Mueller Probe, Rod Rosenstein Claims President Trump Has Been ‘Supportive’

Not Long After Awk Trump Meeting, Rosenstein ‘Presses’ Mueller to End Probe and Slams ‘Leakers’

ABA Legal Fact Check: Could Be Big Difference if Rosenstein Gets Fired Instead of Resigns

Now That Rosenstein May Be Out, Who Will Be in Charge of Robert Mueller?

If Rosenstein Is Fired, This Is Who Will Be in Charge of Robert Mueller

There’s Something Fishy About NYT Claim Rod Rosenstein Seriously Discussed 25th Amendment

Timeline of Reported Rosenstein Bombshell Offer to ‘Secretly’ Record Trump Raises Questions About Mueller Probe

Fired FBI Deputy Director’s Notes Cited as Proof Rosenstein Wanted to Secretly Record Trump

House Republicans Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Rod Rosenstein

A Group of Conservative Congressmen Is Seeking to Impeach Rod Rosenstein as Soon as Monday

Mueller Indictment Raises Real Possibility Reporters Played Foolishly into Russians’ Hands

Mueller Slaps 12 Russians with Indictments for 2016 DNC Hack. Here’s What We Know.

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