Rod Rosenstein

Bombshell Report Says Rod Rosenstein Played Key Role in Killing Criminal Case Against Walmart

Now We Know Who Decided to Release Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s Text Messages

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Has a New Job

Legal Analyst Responds to Rod Rosenstein’s Pointed Criticism: ‘Basically, He’s a Walking Piece of Jell-O’

Legal Experts ‘Dumbfounded’ by Decision to Remove Epstein From Suicide Watch

‘White Terrorism’: Rod Rosenstein Says Shooters Indoctrinated Just Like Islamic Terrorists

Rod Rosenstein Goes to Bat for William Barr Over Obstruction Decision

‘This Is Stupid’: Barr’s Scheduled Mueller Report Press Conference Immediately Mocked

Rod Rosenstein Breaks Silence on Barr’s Handling of the Mueller Report, Calls Criticism ‘Bizarre’

Former FBI Lawyer: Wire-Wearing, 25th Amendment Were Part of a ‘List’ of Possible Responses to Comey’s Firing

Former FBI Lawyer Didn’t Think Rosenstein Was Joking About Invoking 25th Amendment

Rudy Giuliani’s New Take on Rod Rosenstein Is Amazingly Disingenuous

Rod Rosenstein Already Previewed What to Expect from Mueller’s Russia Report

Rosenstein Appears to Take Thinly Disguised Shot at Trump in One of His Last Acts as Deputy AG

Rod Rosenstein Said People’s Worst Fears About William Barr Are Misguided

Rod Rosenstein Left Some Key Specifics Out of His Andrew McCabe Denial

Trump: Rosenstein ‘Told the Attorneys That I’m Not a Subject’ of Russia Probe

Is the Latest Rosenstein News Another Hint Mueller Will Submit His Russia Report in February?

Rosenstein May Be Leaving, But Will It Make Any Difference For Trump?

Rod Rosenstein Reportedly Stepping Down as Deputy Attorney General

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