Rod Rosenstein

Justice Official Defends Mueller, Sees No Cause For Firing

Deputy AG Rosenstein Says He Won’t Talk Mueller Probe, Then Talks Mueller Probe

Why the Heck Won’t Rod Rosenstein Recuse Himself from Mueller Probe?

Trump Reportedly Considered Firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller

‘What the Hell Was Comey Doing?’: Clinton Regrets Not Slamming Him ‘Hard’ Over Email Probe

Legal Experts: Pence May Now Be Implicated in Obstruction of Justice

Jeff Sessions Is Already Cracking Down On Leakers

‘Pissed’ Sessions Refuses to Quit Despite Trump’s Criticism, Ally Says

Deputy AG Rosenstein Pretty Much Throws Comey Under Bus Over Memos

Mueller, Rosenstein May Have to Recuse Themselves in Trump Investigation, Prof Says

Trump Believes He Has Legal Authority To Fire Robert Mueller (And He Probably Does)

Comey Firing Could be Part of Special Counsel Investigation, Rosenstein Says

‘I Just Don’t Know’: Rosenstein Not Sure What Special Counsel Could Do if Fired Unjustly

Rosenstein: No Reason to Fire Special Counsel Mueller

Deputy AG Rosenstein to Discuss Comey Firing Before Senate

UPDATE: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Insists He Did Not Threaten to Quit

FBI Director James Comey Fired

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