Michael Horowitz

AG Barr Makes It Harder for Federal Authorities to Investigate Presidential Campaigns

Kevin McCarthy Told ‘1984-esque’ Lies About FBI Spying on Trump Campaign: Lawyers

After Exposing FISA Application Failures, OIG Orders Audit of FBI’s Surveillance of U.S. Citizens

National Security Law Expert: OIG Report Showed a ‘Disturbing Level of Sloppiness’ by FBI

DOJ Inspector General Investigating Giuliani and FBI Over 2016 Election Interference

Inspector General Horowitz ‘Surprised’ by John Durham’s Statement on FISA Report

AG Barr Ripped for Pro-Trump Bias in Wake of Attacks on OIG Report: ‘Subverted the Findings’

Rep. Scalise Criticized for Telling a ‘Stunning Lie’ About DOJ Inspector General’s Findings

Calls for ‘Compulsive Liar’ AG Barr to Resign Swell After Misleading Statement About DOJ’s FBI Report

Calls for Barr to Be Investigated–and Possibly Impeached–Intensify After Lying to Congress About FBI Spying

Inspector General’s FISA Report to Debunk Claim That FBI Tried to Infiltrate Trump Campaign

DOJ Inspector General to ‘Refute Accusations of a Political Conspiracy’ Against Trump Campaign: Report

AG Barr Confirms Release of IG Report on Russia Probe Is ‘Imminent’ on First Day of Public Impeachment Hearings

IG Handling FISA Probe, Others Blast OLC for Concluding Whistleblower Complaint Wasn’t ‘Urgent Concern’

DOJ Inspector General: We’re Investigating Comey Memos and Will File Report

Watch Live: FBI Director, DOJ Inspector General Testify Regarding Clinton Investigation Report

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