Michael Avenatti

The Avenatti Roller Coaster Has Been on the Downhill for Some Time, But Where Will it End?

Avenatti Denies Wrongdoing, Says: Ask NBA Rising Star DeAndre Ayton and Nike ‘About the Cash Payments’

R. Kelly’s Lawyer Now Trying to Use Avenatti Arrest to Undermine Sex Tape He Gave Prosecutors

Don Jr. Rejoices in Charges Against Avenatti After Multiple Indictment Predictions Fall Flat

Colin Kaepernick and Jussie Smollett’s Lawyer ID’d as Alleged Co-Conspirator in Avenatti Case

Michael Avenatti Could Lose Law License, and Stormy Daniels Is Hinting at More Bad News

Michael Avenatti Also Charged for Allegedly Embezzling Client’s Money to Pay Off Own Debts

Watch: DOJ Holds Presser After Michael Avenatti’s Extortion Arrest

O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Says I Told You So After Avenatti’s Arrest: ‘Aveshitty Is No Good’

Feds Arrest Avenatti for Allegedy Trying to Extort Millions from Nike (READ COMPLAINT)

Judge Tosses Avenatti’s Second Bankruptcy Filing, Orders Him to Explain ‘What Was on His Mind’

Police Finally Admit Controversial Stormy Daniels Arrest Was ‘Improper’

Make No Mistake, Stormy Daniels Won Her Case and it’s Because of Michael Avenatti

Avenatti: ‘Sociopath’ R. Kelly Coughed Throughout Interview to ‘Intimidate’ Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary

‘This Is Only the Beginning’: Michael Avenatti Says Jacob Wohl May Soon Be in Federal Prison

IRS Analyst Identified as Michael Avenatti’s Source on Bombshell Michael Cohen Dirt

Avenatti: Roger Stone Is ‘100% Bat Sh*t Crazy’

Avenatti: R. Kelly ‘Threatened Witnesses with Physical Violence and Death’ to Get Acquitted in 2008 Child Porn Case

Avenatti Gives Up Control of Firm After Alleged ‘Brazen Acts of Bankruptcy Fraud’

Sealed Document ‘Placed in Vault’ on Same Day House Dems Postpone Michael Cohen Hearing (UPDATE)

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