Making a Murderer

‘Notable Convicted Murderer’ Reportedly Confesses to Making a Murderer Killing

Making a Murderer Sheriff’s Officer Sues Netflix, Claims Docuseries Made It Seem Like He Planted Evidence

Some People Think ‘Making a Murderer’ Flipped Wisconsin’s Elections

This Is Why So Many People Ignored or Refused to Participate in Making a Murderer Season 2

Here’s What You Need to Know Ahead of the Making a Murderer Season 2 Release

Judge Denies ‘Making a Murderer’ Subject Steven Avery’s Bid for a New Trial

‘Making a Murderer’ Defense Says Cops Told Family to Destroy Evidence

‘Making a Murderer’ Defense Attorney Charged with Felony Stalking

‘Making a Murderer’ Witness Blaine Dassey Says He Lied During Trial Testimony

In New Filing, Steven Avery, of ‘Making a Murderer,’ Names Two Others As Possible Killers

Famous ‘Making a Murderer’ Attorney Just Got Booked in Jail

‘This Guy Got Screwed’: Attorney from ‘Making a Murderer’ Discusses Brendan Dassey’s Confession and Future

Brendan Dassey’s Former Lawyer Says He Shouldn’t Be Let Out of Jail

After Supreme Court Rejection, Here Are Brendan Dassey’s Options

Here’s How Brendan Dassey’s Case Ended at the Supreme Court

UPDATED:  U.S. Supreme Court REJECTS ‘Making a Murderer’ Case

‘Making a Murderer’: Supreme Court Meets Today on Brendan Dassey Case

‘Making a Murderer’: Calendar Set for Supreme Court Review of Brendan Dassey Case

‘Splitless Request’: State Slams ‘Making a Murderer’ Subject Brendan Dassey’s Supreme Court Bid

Making A Murderer‘s Brendan Dassey Demands SCOTUS Review

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