Making a Murderer

Judge Cries Foul After After Anti-Steven Avery Group Apparently Sends Her Flowers

Judge Rips Into Steven Avery’s Attorney, Rejects His Bid For New Trial

‘Making A Murderer’ Attorney Accuses Family Of Lying, Deleting Evidence

Making a Murderer‘s Steven Avery Loses Appeal for Retrial

Federal Judges Torch Wisconsin Prosecutor During Brendan Dassey Arguments

LISTEN: Oral Arguments in Brendan Dassey ‘Making a Murderer’ Appeal

Full Federal Court to Hear ‘Making a Murderer’ Appeal

Entire Seventh Circuit Will Hear Making A Murderer’s Brendan Dassey Case

It Sure Looks Like Steven Avery’s Lawyer Threatened Prosecutor with Defamation Lawsuit

State of Wisconsin Seeks Review of Brendan Dassey Decision by Entire 7th Circuit

‘Making A Murderer’: State Seeks to Keep Brendan Dassey Behind Bars

Brendan Dassey Lawyers Petition for His Release

MAKING A MURDERER: Avery Attorney Says Ex-Boyfriend Killed Teresa Halbach

Steven Avery’s Attorney Submits Monster Court Filing Seeking Release or New Trial

WATCH: ‘Making A Murderer’ Reporter, Attorney Square Off Again!

RE-MATCH! ‘Making A Murderer’ Attorney vs. Reporter

Appellate Court Takes Up ‘Making a Murderer’ Inmate’s Case

This Convicted Murderer Made Google’s 2016 List of 10 Most Searched People

Judge Denies Wisconsin’s Motion to Keep Brendan Dassey in Jail, Orders Release by Friday

Someone Is Impersonating the Defense to Get Evidence From the ‘Making a Murder’ Case

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