Lev Parnas

Lev Parnas Says He Didn’t Lie About His Finances, Is Still Interested in ‘Speaking Truth to Congress’

Prosecutors Want Indicted Giuliani Associate Locked Up for Lying About His Assets and Income

House Intel Report Call Logs Reveal Rep. Nunes’s Communications with Giuliani and Lev Parnas

Prosecutors: ‘We Think a Superseding Indictment’ Against Rudy Giuliani’s Associates Is ‘Likely’

Subpoenas Related to Giuliani’s Business and Associates Suggest Probe of ‘Very Long List of Serious Crimes’

Lawyers: If Giuliani Traded on Trump’s DOJ ‘Supervisory Authority’ That’s ‘Explicit, Criminal Corruption’

House Intel Committee Got Their Hands on Recordings from Giuliani Associate Lev Parnas, Report Says

‘Everything Is Connected’: Ukrainian Gas Company’s CEO Willing to Testify Against Rudy Giuliani

Several Trump Fundraisers Subpoenaed by Federal Prosecutors as Part of Giuliani Probe

Federal Probe of Rudy Giuliani Appears to Go Well Beyond Campaign Finance Violations

Giuliani Clients Dangled WH Visit in Exchange for Prior Ukrainian President Announcing Biden Probes: WSJ

Trump Approved Rudy Giuliani Associates’ Attorney Hire, Later Claimed ‘I Don’t Know Those Gentlemen’

Yovanovitch Testimony Reveals Giuliani’s Fingerprints Were All Over Effort to Have Her Removed

Now We Know Why Indicted Giuliani Associate Named His Business ‘Fraud Guarantee’

Federal Judge: Lev Parnas Can Be Questioned Under Oath About GOP Financial Contributions

Ex-Trump Attorney in Russia Probe Told Lev Parnas to Claim Executive Privilege: Lawyer

Former GOP Rep. Subpoenaed in SDNY Probe, ‘Knowledge of Giuliani’s Dealings’ a ‘Primary Focus’

While Giuliani Was Working as Trump’s Lawyer for Free, He Profited Off of Advice He Gave to Since-Indicted Clients

Former Federal Prosecutors Say Rudy Giuliani Should Be ‘Very Worried Right Now’

Paul Manafort’s Lawyers Represented Giuliani’s Clients in Court Today Because of Course They Did

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