Jared Kushner

HHS Website Changes Strategic National Stockpile Definition, Now Fits Kushner’s Legally Dubious Description

Jared Kushner Bungled the Law Which Requires an Emergency Stockpile of Medical Supplies

Ethics Watchdog: Jared Kushner’s ‘Shadow’ COVID-19 Task Force Appears to Violate at Least Two Laws

Did GOP Sneak Tax Provision into Stimulus Bill That Could Save Trump, Kushner Millions?

Guess Who Previously Owned Health Insurance Co. Operating Coronavirus Testing Website

Jared Kushner Asked Karlie Kloss’s Dad for Recommendations on Defeating COVID-19

Trump Is Reportedly Waiting on Jared Kushner’s Coronavirus ‘Research’ Before Declaring an Emergency

Jared Kushner Cashes in on Investment Thanks to Tax Breaks He and Ivanka Trump Lobbied to Pass

Complaint Calls for Investigation of Jared Kushner Over Alleged Hatch Act Violations

The DOJ Really Doesn’t Want You to Know What Jared Kushner Told the FBI

DOJ Defies Court Order to Produce Memos and Notes From Jared Kushner’s Mueller Interview

Kushner Companies Tries to Sue Again, Claims It’s Been Persecuted for Being Associated with Trump

‘Insane’: Bush’s Chief Ethics Lawyer Admonishes Trump Administration for Alan Dershowitz Consultations

Top 5 Takeaways from Newly Released Rex Tillerson Interview About His Time in Trump Admin

‘He Is Walled Off’: Kushner Companies’ $800M Federally-Backed Deal Raises Ethical Questions

Whistleblower: At Least 25 People Got WH Security Clearances Despite Concerns of ‘Criminal Conduct’ and More

Kushner Appears Before Lawmakers Days After Mueller’s Report Is Submitted

Author of Kushner, Inc.: Jared Ignored Concerns About No Lawyer Being Present for ‘Secret’ Meetings

House Dems Have Evidence Jared and Ivanka Used Personal Email Accounts to Conduct White House Business

Jared Kushner’s Lawyer: ‘I Don’t Know of a Special Counsel Who’s Done it Better’ Than Mueller

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