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Jared Kushner

‘On it!’: Kushner Email Shows Manafort Recommends Bank Exec Who Approved His Loan for Gov’t Position

Federal Judge Calls Out DNC for Playing ‘Games’ in Attempt to Sue Kushner

Tenants Claim Kushner Company Harassed Them, Pushed Them Out After Filing False Docs, Report Says

Kushner Loses His Security Clearance, and His Attorney’s Response is Patently Ridiculous

Trump Campaign Announcement Just Put Kushner in Legal Jeopardy

Harvard Law Prof Falsely Claims Key Russian in Trump Investigation Assassinated Via Moscow Plane Crash

A Common Legal Maneuver Just Totally Backfired on the Kushner Companies

Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump Believe They’ll Both Be President One Day

Bannon Reveals The Real Way He Think Feds Will ‘F*ck Trump’

The Trump Family Tried — and Failed to Vote Last Month. Here’s What Happened.

Top Dem Party Donor Thanks Kushner For Telling Flynn To Intervene With Russia

In Flynn, Mueller Unearths More Lies — And A Key Witness

AP Source: Kushner Questioned by Mueller’s Team About Flynn

Former White House Lawyer: Robert Mueller ‘Loves Surprises’

Kushner Lawyer Didn’t Disclose Communications About WikiLeaks, Senate Says

Kushner’s Old Company Sued for Alleged ‘Predatory’ Real Estate Scheme

Accusations Kushner Deleted His Tweets Today Are Fake News

Second Kushner Lawyer Falls for Fake Jared Email Prank

Kushner’s Lawyer Just Got Seriously Tricked by Email Prankster

Wait, What? Jared Kushner Registered To Vote As A Woman

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