5 Men Arrested for Imprisoning 18 Immigrants for Ransom, Labor, and Sex Assault: Cops

New Lawsuit Claims Government Prefers Some Strip Clubs over Others

Texas Police Can Now Be Imprisoned For Not Honoring ICE Detainer Requests

Dreamer Dies Rescuing People From Harvey; Mother Not Allowed In U.S. To Bury Him

Sick: Texas Woman Apparently Charging $300 to Escape Harvey Flooding

Texas Judge Accused Of Using Drugs, Sexting Her Bailiff and Hiring Prostitutes

Dem. Senator Demands Answers Amid Reports of Warrantless Phone Searches at Airport Border Crossings

Cop Slams Facebook Commenters Who Wrongly Assume Perp is ‘Illegal Immigrant’

Mother Arrested for Allegedly Having ‘Vicious’ Monkeys, Tigers, in Home With Child

Officer Resigns as Transit Police Release Video Showing Violent Arrest of Homeless Man

Houston Gunman Was Reportedly Wearing Nazi Uniform During Shooting

Houston Mall Shooter was Lawyer Who Had ‘Issues’ With Firm, Police Say

Hot Cup of Starbucks Coffee Scalds Lawyer; She Sues 2 Years Later

VIDEO: Dancing Naked Woman Stops Traffic

Police Sergeant Indicted After Searching Activist’s Car Without Warrant

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