News Anchor Files $10M Lawsuit After Sexualized Image of Her Was Used in Dating, Erectile Dysfunction Ads

Laura Loomer Sues Facebook for Billions of Dollars in Response to Ban

Border Patrol Agents Made Xenophobic, Misogynistic Comments in Secret Online Group: Report

Hawley: Tech Companies Need to Prove They Don’t Discriminate if They Don’t Want to Get Sued

‘Not Even Bothering to Hide Bias’: Hours After Facebook Bans Pro-Life Ad and Apologizes, It Happened Again

‘I’m Not Ashamed of My Patriotism’: Dem Official Resigns but Won’t Apologize for ‘Stand for the Flag’ Post

Facebook: Almost 50 Million Accounts Affected by Massive Data Breach

Facebook Apparently Censors Anne Frank Center’s Post Promoting Holocaust Education

Judge: Gang Members with Weak Facebook Settings Can’t Whine about Privacy

Sure Looks Like Facebook’s Lead Attorney Colin Stretch Lied to Congress While Under Oath

Cambridge Analytica Threatens Journalists With Legal Action for Reporting on Cambridge Analytica

Charles Koch Foundation Funding Facebook’s New Electoral Interference Commission

That Time Mark Zuckerberg Shut Down His Site Due to Insurmountable ‘Privacy Concerns’

Germany Fining Social Media Companies Who Fail to Take Down Hate Speech

Cop Suspended For Racist Facebook Posts Kills Black Man After Returning To Work

Judge Doesn’t Regret Post About Hot Women He’s Slept With

Suspect Turns Himself In, Brings Donuts After Facebook Post Gets Thousands of Shares

‘You Are My Slave’; Black Child Ridiculed During Elementary School Civil War Reenactment

ACLU Is Going to Court Today to Stop DOJ Search Warrants on anti-Trump Protesters

Facebook Giving Mueller Info About Russia-Linked Ads

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