Court: Facebook Friends Aren’t Legally Real Friends

Democratic Lawmaker Posts, Deletes ‘I Hope Trump is Assassinated!’

What Is Net Neutrality?

‘I Feel Like My Heart Is Going to Stop’: Family Mourns Elderly Victim Killed in Video Put on Facebook

North Carolina Says It’s Felony for Sex Offenders to Facebook and SCOTUS is About to Smack It Down

Judge Immediately Sentences Man to 6 Months Jail for Live Streaming Trial to Facebook

Supreme Court Weighs If Law Banning Sex Offenders From Facebook Violates Free Speech

Pageant Queen Sues Claiming Conservative Site Stole Her Identity to Peddle ‘Fake News’

This Facebook Comment Cost Woman Half a Million Dollars

Apple, Facebook, Nearly 100 Other Companies Join Fight Against Travel Ban

Cop Slams Facebook Commenters Who Wrongly Assume Perp is ‘Illegal Immigrant’

‘I’m Just Glad Obama Didn’t Take All Our Gunz!’: Feds Arrest Man For Threatening Trump on Facebook

Yes, That Facebook Class Action Lawsuit Check You Got is Real

Single Mother May Face Jail Time for Allegedly Selling a Meal Through Facebook Group

Mayor Sued for Allegedly Blocking Facebook Critics

School District Fires Woman for Calling First Lady a ‘Poor Gorilla’

Trump Supporters Outraged Facebook Bans ‘Deplorable’ Profile Names

Woman Faces Charges For Allegedly Posting Another Woman’s Genitals on Facebook

Families of Terror Attacks Victims File $1 Billion Lawsuit Against Facebook

Mother Acquitted in Fatal Car Crash Allegedly Caused by Facebook Use

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