Trump Admin: Businesses Can Fire Men for Being Gay If They Fire Women for Being Lesbian, Too. ACLU: No.

‘Fiddling While Rome Burns’: Experts Criticize OIG Report, Defend James Comey

DOJ: President Trump Has the Authority to Unilaterally End Obama’s DACA Policy

DOJ Sides with Trump in Battle for Financial Records: Subpoenas May ‘Distract Him’ from Duties

Trump DOJ Denies Delaying Census Citizenship Lawsuit — 4.5 Hours Late

Trump Admin Approves $26 Billion Dollar Deal for Trump International Hotel’s $195,000 Spender

D.C. Circuit Cordially Invites DOJ to Cut the Crap in Congressional Subpoena Case

AG Barr: Citizenship Question Can Still Be Added Legally

Trump DOJ Files Lawsuit Against Omarosa Manigault Newman Seeking Up to $50,000

Federal Prosecutors Say There’s No Legal Basis to Invalidate Jeffrey Epstein’s Sweetheart Deal

Manafort’s New Lawyer Claims Client Has Already ‘Endured’ Two Trials. There Was No Second Trial.

New Evidence Completely Undermines Trump Administration’s Census Claims

DOJ Threatens Executive Privilege to Block Dems’ Access to 2020 Census Question Docs

DOJ Agrees to Turn Over ‘Key Evidence’ from Mueller Investigation

U.S. Marshal Joked About Shooting Federal Judge During Firearms Briefing. It Didn’t Go Over Well.

Trump DOJ Decries Eleventh-Hour ‘Conspiracy Theory’ in Attempt to Save Census Citizenship Question

Justice Department Argues Congress Lacks Authority to Sue the President. Period.

DOJ Indicts Dozens of White Supremacists Accused of Violence and Drug Dealing on RICO Charges

Alleged Russian Operative Maria Butina Met with American Political Operatives in 2016

Cambridge Analytica Hit with Complaints for Alleged FEC Violations

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