DOJ Announces Closure of NJ Immigration Court Hours After People Showed Up for Proceedings

DOJ and SEC Investigating Lawmakers’ Stock Sell-Offs, FBI Contacted Sen. Burr

DOJ Charges Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro with Drug Trafficking and Narco-Terrorism

‘Brutal FOIA Opinion’ Shreds DOJ for Being Worse at Video Editing Than Snapchat Users

DOJ Threatens to Prosecute Anyone Fixing Prices on Sterile Gloves, Face Masks Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Trump Gets Major Legal Win: Court Allows Administration to Deny Grants to Sanctuary Cities

DOJ Argues Harvard’s Consideration of Race in Admissions Process Is Unconstitutional

Replacement Prosecutors on Roger Stone Case Unexpectedly Back Initial Sentencing Recommendation

Harvard Law Professor Proposes Severing DOJ from Presidential Control

Russia Recruited Mexican National to Locate ‘Confidential Human Source’ in America: DOJ

DOJ Argument in Border Wall Case: Courts Should Never Resolve Disputes Between Congress and President

DOJ Twice Ordered Prosecutors to Publicly Support Trump Admin’s Policy Goals: Report

‘Absolutely Nonsense Theatrics’: Skepticism Reigns After AG Barr Condemns Trump’s Tweeting

DOJ Escalates Fight Against Sanctuary Laws with New Lawsuits Against States

‘The Plot to Destroy Justice’? Barr Confirms ‘Process’ for Receiving Giuliani’s Ukraine Dirt, Doesn’t Go Over Well

Cranky Federal Judge to DOJ Lawyer: Do You Have Trouble Answering Questions in General or Just Here?

‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up’: DOJ Says Trump Can Be Impeached for Defying Congressional Subpoenas

Former Federal Prosecutors Question DOJ’s ‘Really Odd’ Reversal on Flynn Sentencing

Trump’s Legal Team ‘Blew Up’ DOJ Argument Against Releasing Mueller Grand Jury Materials

DOJ Files Lawsuit Claiming California Law Banning Private Prisons Is Unconstitutional

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