DOJ Files Lawsuit Claiming California Law Banning Private Prisons Is Unconstitutional

Appellate Court Calls Out DOJ For ‘Flatly Refusing’ to Implement Decision in Immigration Case

Trump’s Impeachment Brief Performs Time Travel, ‘Doesn’t Even Bother’ with ‘Pretense of Lawfulness’

DOJ Defies Court Order to Produce Memos and Notes From Jared Kushner’s Mueller Interview

DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel: the Equal Rights Amendment Is Dead

Dems Tell Federal Court: Mueller Grand Jury Materials Could Lead to Third Article of Impeachment

‘Somebody Should Go to the Slammer for This’: Legal Experts Shocked and Appalled by DOJ’s Ukraine Redactions

DOJ: Congress Held ‘a Gun to Our Head’ So We Didn’t Review Subpoenaed Census Question Docs

Attorneys for Christopher Steele: There Were ‘Serious Errors and Misstatements’ in OIG Report

DOJ Argues Trump Can Profit from Foreign Governments Until Congress Passes a New Law

Trump-Appointed Judge Deals Trump Admin Blow in FOIA Lawsuit Over Secret Whitaker Docs

Inspector General’s FISA Report to Debunk Claim That FBI Tried to Infiltrate Trump Campaign

New Evidence Proves Trump Admin Lied About Deceased GOP Operative’s Role on Census Question: Court Docs

Federal Judge Rejects DOJ’s Argument Over Don McGahn Subpoena in Court

One Day After Public Event, DOJ Honors Lawyers in Private for Work on Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination

DOJ Tells Federal Judge Courts Were Wrong to Give Congress ‘Road Map’ to Nixon’s Impeachment

Federal Judge Rebukes Trump Admin Argument in Expedited Deportation Case: ‘It Reeks of Bad Faith’

SDNY Alums React to DOJ Intervention in Trump-Manhattan DA Subpoena Dispute: ‘This Is a Very Sad Day’

Trump Admin Defends ‘Sh*thole Countries’ Remark in Federal Court Docs

Numerous States Sue Trump Admin, Elaine Chao Over Uniform Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rule

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